Thursday, April 11, 2013

A-Z #26 (Z)

Z is for ZOOID

I was completely stumped when I came to Z so I decided to use a word I really knew nothing about so here goes, just for the fun of it.

Biol.   any organic body or cell capable of spontaneous movement and of an existence more or less apart from or independent of the parent organism.

Zool.  (a) any animal organism or individual capable of separate existence and produced by fission, gemmation or some method other than direct sexual reproduction.
(b) one of the individuals, as certain free-swimming medusas, that, in the alternation of generations, are produced asexually.
(c) any one of the recognizably distinct individuals or elements of a compound or colonial animal whether detached, detachable or not.

I truly hope you all understood that and feel all the better for the knowledge.


Z is also for ZOO but unfortunately I've not been to our Zoo for years so my photographs are well out of date and probably not very good as they were taken with an old camera.  I would, however, recommend you to their website where you can learn so much about their breeding programmes.  If you love animals as I do I am sure you will enjoy a visit.  The website is:

The walks through Perth Zoo are delightful and you discover so many diverse species of animals and plants too.

I borrowed these pics from their website but I am sure they won't mind one little bit.  They like people to visit the zoo and if you don't live in Perth you can only do so via the internet.

Oh heck, here I am at the end of the alphabet.  What on earth is going to inspire me tomorrow?  Perhaps I should begin with numbers?  No, I can't see that working.  My poor old brain is going to have to work overtime from now on.  An idea just came to mind....a word beginning with Z has inspired me...I watch this space.


  1. I'm waiting and watching...

    1. The next lost of nonsense has begun for better or for worst. Let me know what you think. Please.

  2. It has already begun as I didn't like the idea of you being 'agog' for too long as not sure it's all that good for you. Hope everyone sees it as a wee bit of fun.

  3. Zooid, hmmm, amoebas perhaps? Germs? I'm going to have to look this up.

  4. I just loved the word and the description which I am still trying to understand. If you find out before be do let me know please.