Friday, September 21, 2012


It has to be said...without that man of mine I would be lost.

I had an appointment with my cardiologist yesterday afternoon and there it was all good news as all the tests I've had (and there have been quite a few) prove that my heart is in good fettle.  This was great to hear as both my birth mother and her mother (my grandmother of course) had suffered from heart problems.

All that aside, it was what happened while sitting in the waiting room that gives me cause to make the statement in today's heading.  I may have mentioned I'd had a couple of really nasty vertigo attacks which had been put down to a problem with my inner ear on the left side.

We had been sitting waiting for about half an hour or so with these oh so boring infocommercials  (I think they are called something like that) showing on a huge TV screen but with the sound down enough to be annoying but too low to be heard.   It is not really possible, although perhaps probable, that it was responsible for me sensing the beginning of another attack of vertigo but something definitely set it off.

Fortunately just before leaving home I popped the Stemitel tablets into my handbag so as soon as I realised things in the room were beginning to move around a little I had MOH fetch me a glass of water and I took a tablet.

After a while I tried to stand but no way were my legs going to work.  I imagine it would be like being terribly drunk (without the benefit of having enjoyed a nice glass of wine too) as I've heard the comment that people are 'legless' when very drunk.  That is exactly how you would describe what happens to me during one of these 'attacks'.  All I know is that there is no way I could walk even two steps without toppling over, even holding on to try and keep my balance.

I knew they had wheelchairs available in the lobby of the medical centre so off went MOH to find one. He came back and helped me get into it and so I sat and waited a while longer.   When the doctor came out MOH wheeled me towards his rooms but the doctor himself took over and wheeled me both in, and eventually out, as he said the doorway was very narrow and he probably noticed MOH wasn't all that competent with the wheelchair.  That doctor is one of those tall, gentle people that you feel so confident with and he was just so nice to both of us yesterday.

Off now to the car with me still feeling rather unsteady so MOH wheeled me to the lift but instead of wheeling me in backwards which I didn't have time to suggest to him, he wheeled me in frontwards and then came the task of turning the wheelchair in what I can only call a fairly small lift.  The lift tried to close and then did and we ended up on the wrong floor but finally it stopped at the ground floor and we were able to get out safely.  We at least found something to laugh at as the wheelchair seemed to have a mind of its own!!

MOH then wheeled me to the seats out the front, took the wheelchair back to the lobby and then off he went to fetch the car.  When he pulled up he got out to help me and fortunately by then I was reasonably steady on my feet so was able to get into the car and off we went home.

All of the above is really quite ordinary I guess but when you think MOH is approaching 83 and not a strong man any more I think he was just so wonderful and caring and loving and just everything he always is to me.  Oh boy, do I need him in my life!!  Fortunately there are smaller caring ways in which I can help him so it is not a completely one way street but he truly is worth his weight in gold as far I am concerned.


  1. You are indeed blessed. Hopefully this ear thing fixes itself soon. xxx

    1. You needed to be there to see the whole thing. Some of it was quite hilarious. This ear 'thing' is just another little thing that has come along to try us I guess. Thanks for popping in again. xx

  2. This is a lovely story, and I am a bit misty. I remember when my mother was in a wheelchair that some of them behave a lot like shopping trolleys in that they go anywhere except where you want them to.
    I hope your vertigo settles soon. It is both nasty and frightening.

  3. As I said to kakka you needed to be there to fully appreciate the whole thing. I even think they maybe worse than shopping trolleys. I am rather heavy which I think makes wheelchairs even more uncontrollable.
    Yes vertigo is not pleasant but we'll get there as we do with everything else that life throws at us. Thanks for your visit. xx