Thursday, September 13, 2012


I've always been amused by those words but somehow today I find they have a different more sinister meaning.  I've had it up to here with the world in general.  Apart from MOH, my family and my few friends I really have had enough of everything.

This week had one of the crappiest beginnings to any I can remember.  Firstly, on Monday, my beautiful daughter and her wonderful husband were burgled.  The low life took not only my daughter's jewellery but some family heirlooms which can never be replaced.  Normal jewellery can be replaced but heirlooms are just that....heirlooms - they are irreplaceable.

That in itself was bad enough but this was obviously done by some well organised criminals as they later that night stole my son-in-law's car.  Not from outside his home but after breaking into one of his daughter's cars so it could be moved (they actually smashed a window in her car) to get at his car.  Knowing their duplicate car keys had been stolen along with everything else they had decided to park their cars at different homes that night.

While all this was happening on the Monday night I took ill.  I don't remember feeling that bad for a long, long time.  First it was the worse dizziness I've ever experienced.  I couldn't even walk without fear of falling.  Then came the nausea.  Now I have always had a cast iron stomach and probably had about 2 or 3 bilious attacks in my 80 years.  My stomach reacted to the dizziness well and truly over the next hour or two up and came everything I'd eaten.

Long story shortened...MOH called an ambulance.  Had to go to private hospital ($240 unrefundable) as public hospital was full.  Was looked after wonderfully well by a male nurse and seen by a very thorough doctor who seemed to think problem was caused by this dicky ear of mine.  Eventually home by 5.40am next morning. MOH and I both very tired and slept through till nearly lunchtime.

It was then I had the telephone call from my daughter telling me about the theft of her hubby's car.  I don't think my mind actually comprehended what she was telling me.  These scum had obviously followed them when taking the car to their daughter's place and then again when she drove them back to their home.  They had apparently targeted that car and wanted it badly enough to make sure they got it.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty down about the whole 2 dreadful days so thought a bit of shopping therapy may help.  As you know I don't get out and about much so off we set, me with my trusty walking frame and a list of goodies I'd spotted in K-Mart's catalogue. I bought a lovely new stainless steel electric kettle, a beautiful red 4-slice toaster, a new dish drainer (boy aren't the modern ones flash though?), a new small table for outdoors so we can sit and have a cuppa etc under the patio, some more garden solar lights (this I am experimenting with) and quite a few clothes for our 2 youngest great-granddaughters.  Number one GGD had her birthday a week ago so she'd already been spoiled with gifts.  I may keep these things for Christmas or perhaps not.  I am so pleased with the pretty little items I bought I'd like to give them to my granddaughter for the littlies when I see her next.

That I hoped would help put a balance back into my life but apparently not.  This morning I woke at 6am and just could not get back to sleep no matter how much I thought I was relaxing etc.  The realisation of what those horrible, horrible bastards had done to my poor family kept churning through my head.  My poor granddaughter who woke to find her car damaged and her dad's car gone and in hysterics rang her parents to break the news to them.  My daughter and her hubby whose home had been violated and their precious possessions taken....just like that.   We have put photos of some of the jewellery on Facebook just in case someone recognises something and also the number of son-in-law's car.  There is little hope that anything will come of this but one can always hope.  Perhaps the police will circulate the photos of the jewellery to various pawn shops as it is very distinctive.  I think they do do that type of thing.

I am now wondering just how long it will take for my family to come back down to earth after all this unhappness.  Knowing how I am feeling provides me with the realisation of their complete devastation at what has happened.  I love these people so much and am filled with utter sadness for them.  I guess we all bounce back from tragedy etc., but you begin to wonder just how much people can deal with.  My daughter and her hubby both have medical problems and none of these events will help and the stress can only make them worse.

Whether these perpetrators will ever be caught I don't know.  The police do their best but anyone as organised as these scoundrels were are probably going to be hard to find.  One can only hope that perhaps one of the police raids that happen from time to time may produce results.  As I say one can only hope and my biggest hope is that my loved ones will recover and be able to move on without too much bitterness tarnishing their lives.  They know we love them and are here for them if we are ever needed.  I hope they will always remember that.


  1. It never rains but it poors. I am so so sorry for your daughter and her husband. And for you - it just sucks feeling bad for someone, and being helpless to make it better.
    I hope that your health improves and am sending caring good wishes to you all.

    1. Thank you so much for being so caring and for your good wishes. As you wil see Kakka has seen your message. She is being so strong especially for that precious hubby of hers. We love them both so much and I feel so angry that those low life have dared to do this to my tiny family. There are not many of us and what affects one affects us all. I had a chemical stress test this afternoon and will know the results next week when I see the cardiologist but they seemed to be satisfied with the results. Thanks again. xx

  2. We are already moving on and we won't let this get us down. It always helps to have such a supportive and loving family and we are blessed to have one of these in our lives. xxx