Monday, September 24, 2012


On Saturday evening I had a brief telephone call from my eldest granddaughter asking if MOH and I would like to pop down for a cuppa on Sunday morning.  As we'd not seen them for nearly 2 months we of course said we'd be delighted.

Actually you don't just pop down there as it is a drive that takes at least 30 minutes but it is a drive I love as it is on the road that I remember being driven down from about the age of 8 when Dad used to take Mum and me to Mandurah for our holidays, every Christmas and Easter, until I was well into my teens. On this road you pass some salt lakes and this year I was very pleased to see there was quiet a lot of water in them although not as much water to be seen as when I was younger.

We were delighted that our daughter and her hubby were also there for morning tea and we spent a fantastic few hours enjoying coffee and biscuits and having fun with the 2 little ones.  Immy, who was 4 in February, goes to kindy and is quite the little miss these days and quite delightful.  AJ who is now 5 months is a really bonnie baby with lots of smiles and she'd love to talk.  I so enjoyed having the opportunity to have her on my lap again.  I regret not being able to play with the little ones as I did with my grandchildren years ago but age does tell unfortunately and I'm now not able to do what I did then.  I still delight in spending time with them whenever possible.

We eventually headed home with a lovely box of mulberries from the weeping mulberry in their front garden and they are delicious on their own or with cream or icecream.  I have been trying to talk MOH into planting a mulberry tree in our back garden but perhaps we may not still be here when it bears fruit.  I must find out how long it takes a mulberry tree to do that as our future is not absolutely certain of course.  We could be here in this house another 5 years, or not.

It is of course the time of year for the wattles to be blooming and for several miles wattle lined both sides of the road.  It is difficult to take photos when one is moving at 80km/hr but I had to try and show how beautiful it is.  Sorry about the movement but the colour still shows up well.

There is a large industrial area between our place and where the young family live and here you can see the large chimneys of the Kwiana alumina refinery and those overhead high voltage power lines.

We continued on our drive home and eventually turned into our street where incidentally next year we will have underground power (won't that improve the landscape a lot?) and then into our driveway.  At 82 MOH is still a very steady driver and hopefully we will still be able to have delightful outings as we had this morning for some years to come.  We don't go out a lot but when we do it is special.

We arrived back at our 'umble 'home, had lunch and spent the afternoon putting together MOH's new armchair.  I had no trouble putting the footstool together but poor MOH spent so much time getting the armrests to stay in place while he bolted them on.  Eventually it was done and he finds the new chair much to his liking.  Having put together many Ikea products we find that other companies have much to learn from the Scandinavians when it comes to do it yourself furnishings in flat packs.

As you will see the 'head of the house' decided this new chair was very much to her liking as well and now MOH will have to fight her for his new seat.  She does the same thing to me as for some reason I think she feels close to us when she sleeps in our respective chairs.  She hates the camera so I could only take this photo after sneaking quietly up on her therefore a rather unusual angle of a sleeping cat.


  1. Thank you. I am so glad you had a pleasant Sunday. One of our cats is a chair hog - nothing suits him better than to claim the chair as his own. He is also a camera hog, and just loves to have his photo taken. Jewel has her own spots, andd loathes the camera being trained on her (a bit like me).

  2. I wish Precious would let me take her photo. My daughter (kakka) took a beautiful photo of Precious a few years back and I am so glad she did. She was trying out her new digital SLR camera and got a beautiful picture for me to keep. I'm also a little camera shy these days although didn't mind when I was younger...and slimmer.