Friday, May 17, 2013


I am sure to many people that sounds a strange question but you see as a young person I always thought my mum knew best so would always follow her advice; well most of the time anyway.

One thing she always said was not to wash my hair if I had a cold or 'flu.  Since Wednesday I've had 'something'.  Not sure what it is...could be a cold or a 'flu bug against which my 'flu injection is fighting to ward it off from developing into full blown 'flu.  Mild sore throat, stuffed up head, runny nose and a wee tightness in my bronchial area as well.  Just enough to make me feel not up to par.

I have dry hair so never wash it more than twice a week which my hairdresser says is fine for my type of hair.  You see, once again I look to someone who should know for advice.  That's how we learn.

                          I can only wish it was still that dark but there's lots of white in it now.

Today when I was about to have my shower I said to my other half "I should wash my hair" to which he replied "No, best not while you're not feeling too good."  Now, I don't always do what he suggests but feel he is a wiser person than I am so didn't wash my hair.  It's not looking too bad so no problem from that point of view really does need a wash.

The reason I asked the above question is this:  You are all much younger than me so if you have a cold or similar affliction DO YOU WASH YOUR HAIR?  Mine is thick and takes a while to dry even though it is quite short and I don't use a hair drier so I need your advice.

It is several years since I had even a bad head cold so this problem has not arisen for quite some time.  The weather is quite cool right now so sitting outside (when it is not raining) wouldn't be very good for drying anything so that option is out.

Over now to my good friends out there for their profound advice.  I'm not asking my family as I think they wash their hair regardless of the condition of their health!!  Am I asking this question tongue in cheek?  No, not really, I do want some honest answers, please.


  1. I do wash my hair regardless. It feels so much better afterwards that I do too. And I too have thick hair and don't use a hairdryer. Wash and wear is an accurate description of my style.

  2. A word from the wise is enough for me and thanks EC. I'll do that tomorrow just before the football broadcast so I can have the aircon turned on to warm not only the room but to help dry my hair as well. Yes I know it will feel better afterwards; it always does.

  3. Oh Mimsie I do hope you are feeling better soon. I am not the one to ask when I am sick I never worry about my hair but I have thin dry hair. Take care. Hug B

    1. Buttons thanks for caring so much. I hope I will be feeling better soon too but these things (whatever it is) take their time. I have a wonderful husband who looks after me very well so at least I'm not on my own. I am very thankful our weather has cooled right down. Only 20C today (68F). Thanks again. x

  4. I do wash my hair regardless of what the rest of me is experiencing...however...I have thin fine hair and it dries quite quickly. Just take care never to go out in the cold with damp hair.

  5. That is good advice and when/if I wash my hair I will stay indoors with the airconditioning on which should help dry it quickly. I just can't fathom where this thing I've got came from.