Monday, May 6, 2013


We were sitting in the front room an hour or so ago and noticed that the eastern sky had a lovely rosy glow about it so popped out into the back garden to check out the western sky.  I grabbed my little camera and when I took the first snap thought there was very little to see.

I then moved a few metres to my left and found there was something well worth seeing after all.  I was surprised at the variety of colours there.

I thought that rather spectacular and well worth sharing.  They are forecasting some RAIN (whoopee) and perhaps thunderstorms : ( so perhaps that is what the sunset is telling us.  Imagine all that beauty was hidden behind that rather large weeping peppermint (Agonis flexuosa) of ours.  The other tree showing on the left is a eucalyptus that we had cut down several years ago as it had termites, but it decided to grow again and is once again a lovely tree.  There's nothing like our Aussie trees for perserverance!!  I am annoyed with myself as I've forgotten what species it is.


  1. Look at that sky..gorgeous.

  2. It was certainly quite unusual.