Sunday, May 12, 2013


Today I celebrate Mother's Day on behalf of all mothers around the world, past and present.

Firstly, I want to say thank you to the mother (1910-1996) that gave birth to me way back in 1932 but  who, owing to family pressures and a man who refused to stand by her, was unable to keep me even though she wanted to.  Her father said she "must have me and forget me" and her lover refused to pay her the maintenance the court said he should pay.  I am saddened that she had no more children as I have been told she really loved children but I am also gladdened that in her 30s she met a wonderful man with whom she spent many happy years.  I am happy that she and I became friends via the telephone for several years before she died.  I have always regretted not being able to meet her and give her a hug, but we must be prepared to accept what life decides to deal out to us.
Secondly, I need to say a heartfelt thanks to my mother (1897-1985) who, with her husband, adopted me when I was a wee baby and who bought me up to believe in honesty, truthfulness and unselfishness.  Who went without when things were tight and yet saw to it that I had an excellent education and never made me feel we were not well off.  Fortunately she and dad eventually made good and, although we were never rich, we had a good life and my years at home until I was 21 (when I left home to be married) were wonderful years.  She was always there for me throughout my life and was a loving grandmother to my two children.  She went on later in her life to help others and I was so proud when she was awarded the MBE for her work in the community.  We miss her still even though it nearly 30 years since she left this mortal coil.

I also want to say Happy Mother's Day and a huge thank you to my daughter who was and is such a wonderful mum to her 4 children and is a fantastic grandmother to her 3 granddaughters.  You have guided your family through thick and thin and have always been there for them and for me too.  You did and still do a great job.

As a mother to her daughter I need to say thank you....just for being who you are. xx

I need too to say thank you and Happy Mother's Day to my daughter-in-law although she won't see this.  She has quietly kept in touch with me via email over the past 11+ years since my son decided to cease all contact with us.  It is through her that I have news of that other family of mine and photos of their children as they have grown up into their twenties.  Without her I would have lost them completely.  Thank you Di.


  1. Life can sure throw us some interesting curves can't it?

    1. It certainly can Delores and you have to on the alert and ready for them, or as ready as you can be. You just go with the flow and be thankful you are here to deal with them.

  2. Smile. Though misty eyes. And a happy mother's day to you too Mimsie. The one person I never hear you give credit to is yourself. So consider yourself praised to the skies. You are a lovely person and I am so grateful to have found you here in the blogosphere.

  3. Thank you EC for your greetings (and your praise); so very much appreciated. Me deserve credit? I am sure there are some would disagree with that but who cares about them anyway!!
    I too am so thankful I have met you here. We do seem to share many similar thoughts on all types of subjects (especially the love of unicorns).

  4. Oh Mimsie you made me cry but they are a mixture of happy and sad tears but mostly happy because all that you have become is because of your life before and I think you turned out perfectly. I am so happy you have Di too. Happy tears. Happy Happy Mother's Day HUGS B

  5. Oh Buttons you are such a lovely person. I didn't mean to make anyone cry. We don't cry about what has gone before but smile about all that has been good in our lives. Thanks for all your good wishes. Hope your Mother's Day was a great one too. xx
    P.S. I am far from perfect but I do try. My other half often says I'm very trying but with a smile on his face so don't think he really means it.