Thursday, October 25, 2012


WELLNESS...Wednesday morning my other half and I attended our exercise group where we did stretching and balance exercises and of course did weight training.  We always have a great time and enjoy the company of the other lovely oldies in the group.  We try and go every week and we also know we should be doing more exercises at home.  Note to self:  Just make sure you do!!!

WELCOME...our daughter came to us for a bite of lunch yesterday and it is always a delight to have her pop in but....

WORRY....I am saddened by the fact that she is not her usual cheerful self and I am worried about her.  I know her health problems are really getting her down.  Sure, we can talk about them but there is little one can do except talk.  None of our experiences are the same so what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another.  I can only hope that these issues will resolve themselves in time and the pain doctor she is seeing about her back can find some way to really help her.  She needs to get the stress out of her life but when you are in pain and have medical worries that is not as easy as they often make it sound.

WOES...I was sitting here at the computer just mucking about and sort of felt not quite right.  I eventually got up and realised my legs didn't want to do what I wanted them to do.  I'd not noticed until then that things about me had begun to move.  I went straight away and took a Stemitel and then began the doozy of a vertigo attack, the worse I've had so far.  I managed with the help of MOH to get to my bed and lie down.  He then covered me up because for some reason when this happens I get really cold.  I daren't open my eyes even for a minute 'cos the walls of the room were whizzing round so quickly it was a bit like being on a merry-go-round. 

Another thing that happens with these vertigo attacks is I seem to have the need to 'wee' more frequently and on the third time to the bathroom I realised while sitting there that the base of my head was very sore. This is an area that my phsio has to work on quite often.   I started massaging it and eventually it felt much better.  The strange thing was when I got up I was a lot less disoriented although still not too steady on my feet.  I got back to the bed where MOH did more massage on my head and I lay there for a further few minutes.  Even stranger was the fact that although there was mild movement of objects in the room it was only a short while later that I was able to get up and walk quite steadily and go and sit in the living room with my feet up.  MOH cooked our dinner which I was able to enjoy and even watch TV without a problem.  (Precious was also a lot happier as she could cuddle up on my lap).

The above all happened over about 4 hours and I am now wondering if this vertigo is not caused by an ear problem but from something that happens in my neck.  It just seemed so weird that the vertigo stopped so suddenly after us massing my neck/head.  Seems I am going to have to pursue that line of enquiry with my doctor and hope he can provide an answer.


  1. What a mixture indeed. It is Wonderful if you have found a way of relieving your vertigo attacks. They must be such a worry for you and for MOH.
    Sending healing wishes yourway.

  2. Thanks once again EC for your kind words. We can only hope we have actually found the cause of the vertigo. I will have a word with my physio and ask her advice as I think I rely on her knowledge more than I do anyone else. xx

  3. I'm not a doctor, but it does sound as if the neck might be contributing to the vertigo. A little pressure on a nerve perhaps? Then it is relieved with the massage.

    1. It seemed that way to us too. I guess if the vertigo happens again the only way to prove if is coming from my neck is to do the massage immediately as well as taking a stemitel. I will also need to discuss it with a medical professional.