Thursday, October 11, 2012


I am think of creating a second blog when I find out how to do that.  The reason is because I often feel like popping on here and just talking about what I have been doing but realise that most of the things I do are pretty darned boring.

Recently MOH came in while I was on the computer and began talking about books from our childhood years.  He mentioned Treasure Island, Alice in Wonderland, Wind in the Willows and we then began trying to think of other wonderful books from way back then.

A book suddenly came to my mind that I had read when I was between the ages of 10 and 12.  It was called "Daddy Longlegs" by Jean Webster,  and I remembered it as a book I had really loved and in fact had probably read several times.  I don't get to the shops much so I hopped in eBay and bought a copy from a bookseller that sent it post haste and post free which I thought a good deal.  The book is about an orphan who is helped to have an education by an unknown rich benefactor.  All he asks in return is that she write him letters to tell him of her progress.  It is a delightful book and one I would recommend to folk no matter their age.

Thinking more about this particular book and also my folks who encouraged me to read and were always buying books for me I decided on a plan of action.  Dad would go to the auction houses and come back with a pile of secondhand books so there was always ready material for all of us.

To cut a long story short (I do seem to go on and on at times don't I?) I decided I would begin a blog called "Dear Mum and Dad".  I could then 'talk' to them about what I have been doing as I am sure they would be interested and I'd feel I was just talking to them and not worrying about what others thought of what I was writing.   Hope that makes sense to everyone and of course if you are interested you are more than welcome to have a peek as well.

Now all I have to do is find out how to begin a new blog but associate it with this one so it will show on the same page.  When my daughter is not too busy I am sure she will be able to help me as she has 4 blogs linked together.  So my dear if you happen to read this perhaps you could tell me how to go about it.  I saw where I could click on start new blog but wasn't sure what to put as the address.  Oh gee, I am just so computer illiterate aren't I? : )


  1. One of my favourite childhood books was also Daddy Long Legs and I have an old battered copy and a old (but in good condition one I bought on eBay). I also loved the sequel Dear Enemy. Funny how we should both love the same book as I don't remember you reading it to me, but maybe you did?

    Happy to help you start a new blog. xxx

    1. I am going to read Daddy Long Legs as soon as I finish the library book I now have. I had forgotten Dear Enemy so of course will have to find a copy of that too. We enjoy so many similar things so it doesn't surprise me we had similar likes in reading matter back then and now as well although I steer away from Stephen King.
      I hope you can help me begin a new blog. I tried to do so and got the title in but they kept telling me that the address or whatever was already in use even when I only typed in one letter. Weird.

  2. Oh I can't wait to read this new blog Mimsie!

    We recently had a Christmas in July when friends and I was thrilled when I was Secret Santa for a friend of mine who came from King Edward Island, Canada. - just like Pippy Longstocking. Our limit was $5 for gifts, so I searched etsy and found a box of Pippy Longstocking AND Daddy Long Legs stickers and gift cards for $4.85! (let's pretend the postage was free shall we....).

    Looking so forward to reading all about it x

    1. OK we will definitely pretend the postage was free. I've never celebrated Christmas in July although in this country of ours when December is SOOO hot it sounds like a good idea.
      I am hoping Kakka will set me going on this new blog ASAP. I'd be lost without that girl, believe you me. I only hope it won't be too boring as I do so little of interest these days. x

  3. 'I do so little of interest these days'. Bah. You are a person of interest and would be if you never moved from a chair.
    I loved Pippy Longstocking, and have read all the books you mentioned except Daddy Long Legs. I adore books which comprise letters to people or diary entries so I will have to hunt it down. Let me know when K helps you start up your new blog.

  4. I see nothing of interest in my life but thank you for your kindness.
    Pippy Longstocking is a new one on me although I can't imagine why.
    Hopefully K will be able to find a wee bit of time in her busy life to give me the assistance I need. Will let you know if I ever get it up and running. x