Saturday, October 13, 2012


As I promised I have begun my new blog and from now on will try and write about my daily doings in a letter format to my folks.

I had hoped to show this new blog on this page but have spent so much time trying to find out how to organise it to no avail.  I just do not understand any of the instructions they give as they are obviously 'talking' to people with a full understanding of computers and blogging in general.

Until such time as some kind person can spend a little bit of time assisting me I doubt anyone will find my new blog anyway.  I titled it Dear Mum and Dad.

I have also been trying to find out how to show a list of blogs I follow on my home page but that is also beyond me.  I now have to go to my daughter's home page and check through the list of blogs he follows till I find those I'd like to have a peek at.  This is very time consuming as well as frustrating.

You are all so clever in being able to show all the things you choose to show on your blogs and sometimes I often wonder how I ever actually managed to have a blog of my own!  Perhaps it was before they made changes and complicated it all so much more than before.

Anyway I am now off to cook dinner...a simple grilled pork cutlet with salads.  The weather turned very warm suddenly and so salads were bought but now the day has become quite cold but salads it is going to be 'cos I don't have any other vegies in the fridge right now.

Hopefully all the above problems will be solved shortly and I will have a blog page with all the gadgets I want on it...I think they call them gadgets or is it widgets???  Honestly I really only understand plain English so they've lost me.  I need leading out of the wilderness......soon....please!!!!


  1. Dinner sounds good. It turned chilly here as well, so we both had hot dinners. I couldn't find your new blog in the quick look I had, but will persevere.

  2. Our dinner was excellent too with lots of lovely salad and the pork cutlet was just soooo tender. I am sorry about you not finding my new blog but until someone can tell me how to link it to this one it may stay lost forever. Now, isn't that sad? I can't even find out how to show blogs I follow or any of those things that others show. I have tried and tried but have had to give up as it was causing stress and that is not the reason I have a blog. :)

  3. I've fixed it now, so there are just the two on your blogger dashboard (where you log in) and it will show 1 deleted blog. As I said, if you follow some other blogs I will be able to add them to the your blog list next time I am down to visit or I can do it from here, but you need to make sure you are not logged in at the same time as me. That's what seemed to cause the confusion. Hope you are happy with the new look.

  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this for me. All seems to be functioning well now which is great. I didn't realise you were logged in so sorry about that. The new blog is just something different with probably not much interest to others but perhaps a bit of whimsy on my part. Time will tell if I keep it going or not. Again thanks. xx