Monday, October 29, 2012


Sunday 8.30am  Time to go to the loo.  Sit up in bed.  Damn and blast!!! (or as my mum used to say Jam and Plaster!!).  Oh hell!  Not again!!!   Make it to bathroom and then find Stemitel and take one and manage to get back to bed without falling over and waking my other half.  Well it is Sunday and a sleep in is always great.

Finally ended up lying in bed with eyes shut for nearly 3 hours as opening eyes immediately produced merry-go-round effect of walls spinning round and round.

Tried massaging all my neck and back of head.  Did this help this time or was it a mere coincidence on Wednesday that I seemed to come good almost straight away?  As these attacks seem to take up to 3 hours to abate and last time I didn't do the neck/head massage until that time there is no answer to that question.  Maybe it is my ear after all that is causing the problem.

After I eventually get back to near normal it then takes at least 3-4 hours to feel 'right' so a full day almost totally wasted.  My co-ordination etc. is out of whack for some time afterwards.  At my age you just can't afford to 'waste' full days!!

I am making an appointment to see my GP this week and will insist he please refer me to someone who can perhaps either tell me exactly what is causing this awful vertigo or at least be capable of treating it in some way.

It is not only distressing for me but I know it is very upsetting for MOH who feels so helpless and he can do without this extra stress in his life.  He has to worry about me enough now without this added burden.


  1. Frightening and unpleasant for both of you. I so hope that your GP has the right answer for you this time.
    I doubt very much however that MOH finds caring for you in any way a burden.
    Sending my very best healing thoughts your way.

    1. Thanks once again EC for being such a caring friend. I know your healing thoughts do me a lot of good so thank you. x

  2. I hope your GP can help at least with a referral if he doesn't know himself.
    It could be your inner ear after all.
    Do you have a walking stick for balance when getting out of bed and chair?

  3. I had a long talk with my physiotherapist today and she is going to work on my neck some more on Monday and then I will see my GP as well and insist on a referrals of some type
    . A walking stick is no use when this happens to be as I need to hold on to things that don't move at all such as walls etc. I am going to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible as it takes huge chunks out of our lives.