Sunday, May 8, 2011


After enjoying that delicious breakfast cooked by MOH we hurriedly got ready and set off to our daughter's home to meet up with her, her hubby and 3 of our granddaughters, the husband of one of them and our two great-granddaughters.

With a cooked breakfast not being part of our normal daily fare we then indulged in mini muffins, some delicious chocolate biscuits and even a small serve of mud cake. We also did the RIGHT thing and ate some fresh fruit which made us feel less guilty about all the forbidden things we'd eaten. Son-in-law served up a couple of really good cups of coffee to which topped it all off.

It was so nice to sit out in their back garden in the lovely sunshine and spend time with the family. Was sorry grandson couldn't be there but he works weekends more times than not so we don't see him often.

K&B have had reticulation installed in their garden recently and perhaps it is this that has helped but their back garden is really delightful this year and I only wish we could get ours to look even half as good. We are both a little too old (and I am just too decrepit) to do too much in the garden now but I feel inspired after seeing their garden today. Famiily gave me some Bunnings vouchers for Christmas which I haven't used so as soon as I feel I can walk for a short while I think we will be down there to buy some plants and hope that we eventually get more rain in Perth to help the garden recover from a long and very hot summer.

MOH and I decided we really didn't need lunch today but seems we both need a good solid meal tonight as we both did a glucose test and our readings were quite low. Of course all the food mentioned above is high GI so is absorbed much more quickly than our normal food so we now are a tad short of sugar.

For dinner tonight....a very enjoyable slow cooker meal that MOH made which is in the fridge so won't take long to serve up (I will boil up a small quantity of rice to go with it) and we will then be back to being good again (until the next time which will possibly be #2 granddaughter's birthday next cooked breakfast that day though).

Thanks again to everyone who shared today with was a good day.

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