Sunday, May 22, 2011


I have been trying to respond to your comment but it won't have it for some reason. I've tried the help section but it is all too complicated for this non-technical mind to take in. I've been able to comment on my own blog in the past but not any more!! I can comment on blogs that belong to others OK so what the heck is happening.

What I just wanted to say was how much I appreciated the comment you made and it in turn made me glad I had written the second post so quickly after the first as that first one was all doom and gloom wasn't it (apart from the appreciation of the rain).

I know young people today have lots to contend with but I somehow feel that perhaps we oldies have a little more spare time in which to ponder our woes which overall is not all that good for us.

When there is just the two of us perhaps one doesn't want to worry the other too much so we bottle up our feelings a little too much. All my friends have left this mortal coil (far too soon many of them) and the one that is left has had tragedies in her own life recently so she is not the one I can use for a shoulder to cry on.

Perhaps I shouldn't use thig blog to express how I am feeling as it is not my intention to worry others.

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  1. Oh Mimsie, bless you! Apparently a lot of people have had problems commenting with blogger lately, hopefully it's cleared up soon.

    And I think that we need to acknowledge the bad, just so it then makes us appreciate all the good that's there.

    You should use your blog to express yourself, I think the community of friends you meet on line have so much to offer. Just sharing your load makes it seem a little lighter. Much love xx