Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We have a dear little nine and a half year old fluffy female cat that never means any harm to anyone or any creature but recently she is being terrorised by cats from neighbouring homes.

I realise one can't keep cats behind fences as one can with most dogs but if people would only have their cats (especially male cats) neutered there would be far less problems with cats fighting.

There is a very large dark tabby and white cat that comes from 3 houses away and even if you shoo him away he stands his ground. I even threw a small rock not at him but near him and then he decided to jump on the fence and slowly make his way home. Talk about cheeky.

Next door (on the other side) is a neutered maie that for some reason seems to find our garden better than his!! He and the cat from up the road hate each other and choose our garden in which to do their caterwauling. Our poor little Precious runs and hides (inside the house) when she hears them.

There is also another tabby cat which is here occasionally but seems harmless so that is OK and a gorgeous black and white fluffy cat that is just so friendly and she and our cat seem to tolerate each other very well. Unfortunately it seems the little black and white cat may be scared of those other three big cats so she doesn't visit us as often which is a shame.

Our council even has a subsidy they pay people that have their cats neutered but I guess some are just too mean to pay the balance and so there will always be this cat problem caused by people that just don't care.

My daughter (Kakka) has been having the same problems over the years and it often means visits to vets to have wounds taken care of so an expense to cat owners through no fault of their own. Just so annoying.

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