Friday, May 6, 2011


Today my youngest granddaughter turns 25. I am glad for her and feel she is having a wonderful life but sad to realise she was only 15 when I saw her last.

Thanks to my son (her father) who decided back in January 2002 to have nothing furhter to do with any of his family we have not seen our two youngest grandchildren since they were school children.

I am fortunate that my daughter-in-law keeps in touch via email and sends the occasional photo of the family and news about each of them so I do know they are all doing well but I have not seen any of them at all or spoken to them on the telephone.

I keep thinking of this grandchild of mine who is now a grown woman with a partner of many years and would give anything if she would perhaps telephone me one day or even send me an email. She did send us a letter with a Christmas card back in 2009 but that has been the only communication. There has never been any response to gifts sent for birthdays or Christmas which has been somewhat disappointing.

What has my son told her to make her keep away from her grandparents, aunt and uncle and 4 cousins or is it perhaps that she just doesn't care anyway? After all she is now well and truly an adult and one would imagine if she had the inclination to see any of us she would make the decision to do so.

We sent her a card wishing her well for her birthday and can only hope that she had a happy day today. We can do no more than that.

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