Tuesday, July 5, 2016


What a busy week!!!

TUESDAY.  Our lovely man that used to mow our lawns has retired from the Community Service and we have a new fellow who now will be here on a Wednesday (every fifth week).  He did a reasonable job but not nearly as good as Howard would do.  We'll have to train him I think and please don't put the mowed grass in the green bin.  That should go in our compost.  Trouble is he got here rather early and I don't think Phil was quite wide awake enough to deal with him.

WEDNESDAY.  At 12.30 the tree men arrived, all six of them.  Paul took us through what they have to do and they set out to make out garden look a little tidier.  I doubt I have ever seen workmen work as well as they did.  They set to with a will and never stopped.  As the limbs were cut up they were put through a shredder and afterwards one of the men used a blower to get rid of any bit and pieces on the driveway etc.  One of the young chaps admired my slippers and I told him they were Slumbies and he should buy his wife or girlfriend some as they are so comfortable to wear.  I think the total job took a little more than two hours and I was so pleased I paid Paul by bank transfer as soon as they were finished.  I've now asked him for a quote to get rid of our HUGE cotton palm in a few months time.   I've also given his name and number to my daughter as they have a really large tree that needs to go as it keeps dropping limbs.  It is one I planted for them when they moved into their home over 35 years back.

THURSDAY:  Our cleaning lass Jenny was here to make our floors clean and as usual she did a wonderful job and had time to spend with us to have a cuppa and a biscuit.  Poor Jenny suddenly became allergic to nuts a year or so back and now has to be careful what she eats.  She knows she can eat Arnotts Scotch fingers quite safely so we always make sure we have some in the biscuit box.

FRIDAY:  We paid a visit to our podiatrist John McS so both sets of feet felt pampered.  He looks after our feet so well which is necessary for diabetics as little problems can develop and grow into big ones without knowing about them and then one can be in real trouble.

We returned home and I suggested to Phil we have lunch at Phoenix S.C. where there is a really good cafe and I needed to go to Big W to buy some more yellow wool.  He agreed so off we set and enjoyed a lunch of grilled fish, chips and salad.  We don't eat chips very often and the chips at this cafe are delicious....really light and crisp.

As we passed a shoe shop I suggested Phil try on some shoes that were on special and looked rather smart.   He wasn't keen on the fit and then I asked the lass if they had any jogger type shoes with velcro fastenings instead of ties.  Yes, they had an Phil tried them on and they were very comfy.  Last year he had bought a pair at Big W for $20 but they hadn't them since and were unlikely to.  This pair  were dearer but just what he wanted so he bought them.

I then went and found the wool I wanted (isn't it strange how we still call it 'wool' when mostly these days it is synthetic!) and bought a couple of little things as well.

As we wandered through the shopping centre, I noticed Phil had stopped at a men's wear shop.  I followed him in and while there asked the lady in charge if they still sell men's cardigans.  I had bought Phil a really smart cardigan on eBay and he looks really great when wearing it.   The lady produced a few cardigans and we chose one for Phil in navy blue so he now has two so can change them about when we go out.
We came home and put our feet up and had a much needed rest. It was an easy night as I just made sandwiches for tea so not fuss necessary.

SATURDAY:  Phil went out to do a bit of top-up shopping, to do the lotto and to vote.  I'd done a postal vote so didn't have to go with him thank goodness.  Phil came back and said there was a long queue (I heard that the Electoral Commission had shut down lots of polling booths bless their cotton socks) so came back.  Even as late as 5.15pm Phil had to wait for about 30 minutes in a queue.  His comment "I will also be doing a postal vote next year".  Don't blame him as he will then be 87 so entitled to I would think.

The election results are a real shambles and goodness knows what will happen now.  Rather not think about it at all as I can't see anything good coming of this double dissolution. 

Enjoyed watching Le Tour de France again with some really exciting close finishes.  How those fellows ride those huge distances with barely a break beats me.  What endurance in the heat or the cold or the rain!!!!

Hope everyone has had a worthwhile week and the coming week will be even better.


  1. Hari OM
    The whole world's a schemozzle just now. Sigh... stick to buying cardies and slumbies and attending the garden. It's what keeps life in balance!!! YAM xx

  2. Yay for concentrating on the things which matter. The garden, Phil and family. (Not in that order.)

  3. Glad you had a good week Mimsie.....
    It's great when people do a good job for you.. glad the garden is looking tidy again...
    I keep trying to call 'wool', yarn, because as you say it's mostly acrylic not real wool.. but saying wool is easier.. xxxx
    ..hugs... Barb xxx

  4. An interesting week Mimsie. Not too busy, not too dull. I'm glad your tree men were lovely and efficient. Here in SA, our green bins are for garden waste; lawn trimmings and prunings, also for any compostable kitchen waste such as veg peelings etc. When collected it all goes to some big compost pile somewhere and then sold back to the councils or nurseries as bulk mulch.

  5. How nice to have your garden all straightened out. Sounds like the guys did a super job for you.
    Yarn - wool, thanks for the clarification. Here I was thinking wool yarn. Thought everybody was actually using woolen yarn and my hands would be bleeding.
    Nice looking cardigans are not always that easy to find. Happy to hear he found a nice one.

  6. What a busy and fulfilling week you've had.