Saturday, May 14, 2016


As you would know if you read my blog I've been doing a lot of deep thinking lately and I appreciate those who understood why I was doing it and what I was saying.  For that my sincerest thanks.

I've also been thinking lately of things that need doing around this place and how things seem to be going wrong and stopping us getting ahead.   You will remember our ducted airconditioner died and we had to part with a couple of thousand dollars (plus insurance payout) to have a new unit installed.  It is running so beautifully now and so quiet we forget it is on. 

Now to our solar HWS.  Some of you may remember that because of the faulty flow of the hot water, how I flooded our kitchen and part of the hallway just two years ago necessitating an insurance claim.  I probably posted all about it way back  on my blog in April/May or June 2014 if you are interested.  Cupboards needed replacing plus new vinyl and new carpet.  I had left the kitchen and forgotten I'd turned the water on over the sink as it had virtually stopped flowing.  It was stupid of me but these things happen in the best of organised families.

Prior to that our solar HWS had a dicky valve that needed replacing.  We had called out our usual HWS expert but another, younger man had answered the call and told us the valve couldn't be replaced as they were unavailable.  If I remember correctly he suggested installing an electric instantaneous system which we decided against.

Last week it began to get really bad and even the shower wasn't flowing as well as it had been.  I had for many months asked Phil to do something about the HWS but as long as we were getting hot water I feel he didn't really see it as a problem.  It all came to a head last weekend when I found the water flow would cease altogether on the 3 taps.   Phil decided to have a shower on Sunday and I had to laugh (not in front of him of course) when he found himself stranded in the shower recess with no water flowing.  Then the hot water came through so he added cold but the hot stopped again and he was having a cold shower.  He turned the cold off and nearly scalded himself as the hot suddenly came back on!!!! Me?  I managed to have a very good wash thank you.

Needless to say Phil was on the 'phone to our HWS expert on Monday morning.  This time Phil spoke to the boss who said "I've got some reconditioned valves.   Will cost you $300.  I'll ring you back as I'm up on a roof right now".   They were in contact again on Tuesday morning.  The chap came at 3pm that day and within 10 minutes a new valve was fitted and we are hunky dory again.  He is so trusting (he only takes cash) that he told Phil to ring him when he has the cash and he'll come around and collect it.   I call that good service don't you?  I am so glad it was he that came and not the other chap who I feel just wanted the business of selling and installing a new HWS.  I'll stick with the solar which has an electric booster if needed on cloudy days.  Not mains pressure but sufficient for our simple needs.

I now have my 2 sets of new windows (in the back verandah and my work room), a reliable airconditioner and a HWS that should keep working for several years.   Now, if nothing else goes wrong, perhaps we can think of having some tiling done in the back garden so I don't always feel I might break my neck when I go out there, plus a few other bibs and bobs to make the place a little more user friendly (me being the user in question).

You can see how positive I am being by looking ahead and not looking back.  I am sure that dear 91 y.o. had something to do with my present state of mind.  (Once again thanks EC).


  1. Hari OM
    Heheheh - that touched a chord with me Mims - my mains hotwater in the shower is very 'come and go'.. but as long as the water is there, I guess I just make do!!! Everything does seem to have its time limit though - at least you have pretty much got all the renewal - those outer tiles sound like a good plan I'd say... YAM xx

    1. I didn't realise just how bad that hot water was until it was fixed. I still get a surprise when I turn on any tap and the hot water f.l.o.w.s. so quickly.
      Will have to get a quote re paving but it would make a huge difference to me.
      Thanks for your comments Yamini xx

  2. .. I'm pleased to hear that you can now have a comfortable shower... funny how things sometimes are not a problem until 'you know who' is affected..... happens at my house a lot.. hehehe.....
    Planning ahead is great.. I do this too, and if half of what I plan, happens.... I'm happy.....
    Have a great day Mimsie.. Hugs.. Barb xxxx

    1. Thanks Barbara and now we are both enjoying good showers. You are so right tho' re problems affecting our other halfs too.
      I try to plan ahead but just need a good Lotto win and all would be done.
      Enjoy your weekend. xxx

  3. Yay for hot water. And I too have met up with problems which weren't until someone else in the house experienced them.

    1. I never want to go back to the days of using a copper to do the washing or having a chip heater to heat the bath water.
      I am hoping someone else will also recognise a few little problems I have outside and we may get somewhere there too.

  4. One of the most annoying things is having no reliable hot water, I really missed showering when ours all went off together last weekend. It was found to be caused by a faulty charge box in P's gopher, since that plugs into the same circuit as the water heaters, it tripped the switch in the switchbox. P is having her gopher replaced this week.
    I'm really happy for you having so many things now repaired and working well again, it makes life so much more delightful. Paving in the yard would be a nice extra, you would feel so much safer walking on level ground.

  5. Glad things worked out. I recently moved into a new place and no matter what I did the water wouldn't get any hotter than lukewarm. Clueless me called a professional and turns out the water temperature setting was just too low. They adjusted it and voila! Perfectly hot water. I didn't even know I could adjust the temperature!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing