Sunday, May 22, 2016


You may have seen this before but I felt it worth a repeat.  It was sent via email from England by Phil's cousin Ray Pinks.  (I first found this cousin of Phil's when doing genealogy and since then, we have become really good friends and he keeps us up-to-date with family happenings).

Just a little poem:

Another year has passed and we're all a little older.
Last summer felt much hotter, and winter felt much colder.
There was a time, not long ago. when life was quite a blast;
Now I can fully understand about "living in the past".
We used to go to weddings, football games and lunches,
Now we go to funeral homes and after-funeral brunches.
We used to have hangovers, from parties that were gay;
Now we suffer body aches and just wile the night away.
We used to go out dining, and couldn't get our fill,
Now we ask for doggie bags, come home and take a pill.
We used to often travel to places near and far;
Now we get sore asses from riding in the car.
We used to go to nightclubs and drink a little booze,
Now we stay at home at night and watch the evening news.
That, my friend, is how life is and now my tale is told;
So enjoy each day and live it up...before your'e too damned old!


  1. Yup.
    Except that the evening news is too close to a horror movie for me to watch it.

    1. Agree. They say truth is stranger than fiction and these days the horrific stories on the news way outdo much fiction that I've come across.

  2. Hari OM
    I wanted to laugh... then shuddered... then decided the first response was the better one!!! Great find. YAM xx

    1. Definitely better to laugh than do the other thing. I thanked cousin Ray for emailing it to us and said I was going to share it with those that would appreciate it. xx

  3. It all rings so true! You know you're old when a night out means sitting on the porch watching the stars.

    1. It brings it home to us when small pleasures make us so happy.