Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Not a significant 'wandering' compared with many in past years, but today Phil and I travelled down to Rockingham (about a 40 minute drive) to meet my late friend Judy's son Richard for lunch.  This may not sound like very much but, apart from about 3 or 4 visits to family this year, this was my first outing of the year.  "Gee", I thought to myself "that is truly pathetic!", and I guess it is but when all your close friends are gone or live too far away to pop in for a cuppa and it's not all that much fun 'going for a drive' these days, you have trouble in thinking where to go.

Anyway we met at the old Rockingham pub and all three of us enjoyed a delicious meal.  Phil had grilled baramundi, chips and salad with a red wine, Richard had a dish of Thai Prawns (with chilli) and a light beer and I had good old BANGERS AND MASH!!!   Three non greasy sausages, creamy mashed potato with an onion sauce and a vegetables.   A really filling meal and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  (Just soup and toast for tea tonight).  I also had a gin squash which is a drink I'd not had for years but it didn't quite taste as I remembered so perhaps something else next time.

We sat and chatted about this and that for about an hour after we'd finished eaten (I had taken with me some genealogical work to do with Richard's family which we also discussed) and then decided we'd walk down to the 'front' and have a coffee.

We were amazed at how many shops were closed (perhaps they close in the winter months) but found a coffee shop and sat at one of the outside tables as the sun was brightly shining then and was quite warm.    This is of course 'old' Rockingham right on the ocean, and not the huge Rockingham Shopping Centre several kilometres south of there.

Half an hour later a light shower came over so we had to get under cover and walk back to the cars.  It was probably not more than a 5 minute walk for an able bodied person but, even using my walker it was far enough for me.  I really should try to walk more and now the weather has cooled down I intend to do so even if it is only for 5 minutes.  They say if you don't use it then you lose it and I'm hoping I've not completely lost it already.

Before leaving for the drive home Richard showed us through the camper van he recently bought. It is a large converted Post Office van and is beautifully fitted out and he is currently using it as his home which he says saves him about $300/week in rent.  As a single man it makes a lot of sense.

When we got home I noticed Phil had left the RP7 on the front table so I fetched the old mantel clock and asked him to spray the workings for me.  I took the clock inside and for about half an hour I kept the pendulum swinging back and forth, restarting it when it stopped, until eventually it is working on its own.  I've had this clock that belonged to mum since 1985 and it has never gone but now it's actually ticking.  I am not sure how long it will go for, but I feel it is such an achievement and maybe I will be able to find a clockmaker who can fix it up completely.  It's been a dream to have this clock restored so perhaps now I will be able to do just that.  More about that at a later date but the outing the clock have made my day for me.

I have a feeling we may be off to Rockingham quite a few more times during the winter/spring weather before it get too hot again.   I just feel so refreshed after being out for the afternoon, quite revitalised in fact.


  1. What a lovely outing, a visit with friends, a lovely meal, wonderful! I love clocks. I always remember my grandmother's old clock on the wall. It had two rearing horses carved on each side of it and the ticking was comforting, along with its wonderful chime. Happy day to you Mimsie, and thanks for the interesting read telling us of your day.

    1. Yes Denise it was indeed a great outing and one I am making sure we repeat throughout the winter and spring months.
      The old clock is still ticking (and chiming occasionally) but is gaining so probably needs a complete overhaul. Problem is finding a clockmaker these days. Have to search for one.

  2. Hari Om
    Nothing like a bit of fresh sea air to boost the system - I love that waterfront part of Rockingham and have fond memories of sharing a meal with my parents there - gosh, 15 years ago now!

    Oh I do hope you can get the clock in full order again Mimsie. ...and it has reminded me that my kitchen 'keeper' is in need of battery change. YAM xx

    1. I think that part of Rockingham is one of the best, if not the best, in the Perth metropolitan area. Just so beautiful and peaceful.
      It's been great to hear the old clock chime occasionally although not the right number at the right time....quite amusing.
      Glad to remind you about fresh batteries. xxx

  3. How wonderful. A great outing, and the joy of the ticking clock spoke loudly to me.
    The skinny one has a mantle clock he inherited (and loved) and I have spent many, many hours coaxing it to go. Fingers crossed, it is working at the moment and I hope yours continue to tick. And tock.

    1. Thanks EC for your lovely comments.
      The tick and tock are still going but as you may see above it is a little out of kilter and I am feared of winding it up in case it jams again. A search for a clockmaker is needed if such a person still exists.
      Nice to know you also have an inherited clock and you are managing to keep its ticks and tocks going strong.

  4. I have a lovely memory of Rockingham, we ate icecreams there while walking along the beach on our way back to Fremantle after our lunch at Mandurah.
    It's a beautiful waterfront area. I do hope you get there more often to visit.

    1. I truly think that everyone that goes to Rockingham just loves it. It has beauty and is so peaceful during the colder months altho' during summer it becomes crowded but is still a great place for families to go for picnics, BBQs etc. I only wish we lived a wee bit closer.