Monday, February 4, 2013


One of our physiotherapists works with an aborigine community in the far north of Australia and as they are not well equipped with anything she is always looking out for things for them.  Footy boots and socks for the boys and that type of thing as well as simple furnishings etc.   She recently began "$1 each of various items including books".  I bought a Lee Child book I'd not read and one of the Harry Potter series for #1 g/granddaughter, both for one dollar each.

On my next visit there Norma grabbed me as she was adding more books to the 'for sale' box and said "You must buy this one" and handed me 'FIFTY SHADES OF GREY".  I probably looked a wee bit startled but she said she had read all three of the series and had enjoyed them by looking at their content from a sort of psychological viewpoint.  I said I'd read reviews that said the books were not all that well written but Norma seemed to think they were, perhaps by modern standards.

Anyway for one dollar I thought I couldn't go wrong and have actually read the first 25 or so pages.  I'm not entirely sure how far into the book I will get but so far it has me intrigued but already I am beginning to see some of the criticisms from the review I had read.

I wonder if any of you have read this book and, if so, your thoughts on it.  I have just finished the Lee Child book (and another of his I received  for Christmas) so will persevere with '50 Shades' and see how far I get.  Will let you know my thought in a later blog.

P.S.  I also bought 3 small paintings (prints I think BUT they are still in the boot of our car...must get them in) that I will find homes for somewhere in our house.  One of roses, a small Namatjira (print) and a village scene.  These also cost $1 each.  Always after a bargain, me.


  1. Awesome bargains! However, the 50 shades... hmmm, not so sure. I haven't read them, so shouldn't really complain - but the snippets I've seen were so poorly written they hurt my eyes. Let me know how you get on x

    1. Yes, the bargains were great but the book??? Haven't got any further. Am reading about "Dewey the Library Cat" which is quite delightful.

  2. No..not a big fan of the genre...

    1. Nor I. I gave up reading Mills and Boone years ago when they started talking about 'ripping her blouse of' and that type of things in most of the books. lol
      Why did I even read M+B.. Mum used to read serious books but as she aged she looked for something lighter and I used to inherit the M+B books she had read. :)

  3. $1 per book is a fantastic deal! And paintings too!
    Which Lee Child book was it? I will never, ever, read 50 shades of grey.

  4. Bargains indeed. Not sure I'll get far with 50 Shades. Finding the first section quite interesting but.....time will tell. I guess one has to be open minded??
    Lee Child book? "The Visitor" and for C'mas I was given (at my request) "A Wanted Man".

  5. I've not read it, but it seems everyone else on the planet has!

    Is that you, Mimsie? The little girl? What an adorable child...

    Greetings from Minneapolis (and yes, it's cold!)



  6. Hi Pearl and thanks for dropping by. I felt I had replied the other day to your comment but apparently it didn't show. I read about 80 pages of 50 Shades and put it to one side. I don't indulge in voyeurism and after peeking at further pages in the book I decided I didn't really want to know what he did to her and vice versa. Am now reading an Inspector Wexford book by Ruth Rendell written some years ago and it is much more relaxing.
    Yes I was that little girl (about two and a half then) and thanks for the compliment. Not nearly so adorable now at 81 though...more's the pity.
    Greetings from Perth where IT IS HOT...41C (105.8F) today and tomorrow and the next day and then cooling down to 40C (104F) and so on. Our summers can be very cruel here in the west.
    Hope you'll drop by again soon. :)