Friday, February 1, 2013


We don't watch daytime television (unless we decide to torture ourselves watching question time in Federal Parliament) but we frequently watch "Becker" which is a favourite of MOH.  He always says it is the only 'medical' show he ever watches. : )

Today, while the mute was on during those never-ending commercials, my mind for some reason wandered to when I was very young and two poems I learned when I was 5 came to mind.  We at that time were still living on the farm down south and I was doing correspondence lessons.  These are the two poems which I still think are so very cute:

Hullo Mr Moonface way up in the sky
I love to see you shining while in bed I lie.
I'm not the least bit frightened; you only have to peep
But don't go Mr Moonface until I'm fast asleep.

The other poem is:


Mr Sunflower big and yellow
Said "I'm such a lucky fellow.
To be small must seem so queer,
I get a lovely view up here.

I know they are very simple poems and I have no idea why they have stayed with me for over 75 years but there they are so hope you don't mind me sharing then with you.  Strikes me as funny that way back then (in 1937) both the moon and the sunflower were males!!  A sign of the times perhaps?

Is the old girl perhaps getting a wee bit gah-gah you ask.  No, not really, but I still find much pleasure in the simple things of life....probably don't belong in this advanced technological it's always great to remember the things that were pleasurable.

I know I should have centred the poems under the picture but as I said I don't belong in this technological age so I am satisfied I at least managed to get the pics on here.  The sunflower came from wikiHow website but the moon is just one of hundreds of moon pics but thanks to whoever supplied those beautiful pictures.


  1. I LOVE Becker! He's so abrasive.
    I used to watch it years ago and only recently found it was back on TV in the afternoons. I'm not usually home early enough to see it, so I only watch on Fridays. It's on Saturday afternoons as well, but I usually forget to turn on the TV because I'm busy catching up on blogs I miss reading during the week.

    1. Glad you also enjoy Becker. I feel Becker often says things that we all think but perhaps don't have the temerity to say out loud. Like many abrasive people he is so soft underneath. They just don't want you to know.

  2. Sweet little poems. We did grow up in a much gentler time didn't we?

    1. The poems are cute aren't they? I know there have been many advances in many fields since my birth in 1932 but I often do yearn for those early, quieter years.

  3. Love those poems Mimsie - it is funny the things that stick with us isn't it? I need that sunflower today, we're into day two of grey, torrential rain!

  4. It is good we have pleasant memories. Hope the sunflower cheered you up somewhat. Rain? Oh that wet stuff that falls out of the sky! Please send some our way...very hot here today (about 37C) and nothing but blue skies for weeks now. Need rain so badly. Stay dry. xx