Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I know I am getting old and tiredness can be expected along with aging but of late I've just been tired and lethargic.  I really think this HOT summer has taken its toll on my other half and me as he seems to be in the same state of lethargy.  We still eat OK and the shopping gets done as needed and we do the laundry and similar tasks but only of necessity.

I have no idea how many 'centuries' we've experienced during our Perth summer this year but doing a quick count it seems there was about 16 days (so far) above the 100F mark and most other days above 30C....86F.  We have had almost no rain whatsoever during these past months so garden watering two days a week is a must in an endeavour to keep plants in the garden alive if not thriving. Hand watering also has to be considered especially for plants in pots on a daily basis.

There have also been some medical issues over past weeks too and here was I hoping that 2013 would be better for both of us.  MOH has a problem with his eGFR so had to have an ultrasound of his renal tract.....nothing appears to be wrong but he will see our endocrinologist next Wednesday for a full account of that ultrasound.  Also hubby's B/P seemed to be low enough for him to stop taking a mild B/P medication which he did.  Now when he tests his B/P at home it is higher than before so perhaps back on that medication.  His cough also worries me and it is difficult to get him to use his ventolin as often as he should but then he is a man.

Me?  I've had two attacks of vertigo so far this year and the one last Sunday lasted from 8a.m. till well into the evening and even when going to bed I was still wonky on my legs.  I was very disappointed too as we were going up to our daughter and son-in-law's home to spend time with more of the family and to see great-granddaughter Immy and give her the gifts we had for her 5th birthday.  I guess they will keep but we see so little of them and I was so looking forward to the afternoon.

Another strange thing that has happened is my blood glucose levels seem to be dropping so was told to use slightly less insulin for a few weeks to see the outcome.   Difficult to tell right now as I had cortisone in my ganglion last week and that always raises the BG levels for a while.  Hopefully when that has all settled down I will be able to see how the BG is going on a regular basis.

I am also feeling medically a little like the meat in the sandwich.  Some blood tests I had recently immediately made my endocrinologist send me for scans in the nuclear medicine section of SKG but when I told my GP what was to happen he said to cancel that appointment and have a further blood test done.  I now have that result and will see him on Monday to hear his thoughts on the subject.  I am hoping GP and specialist will sort this out between them.  To scan or not to scan is the answer I need from one or both of them.  It is apparently something to do with my parathyroids and I have no idea if it is serious or not but I am going to find out next week that's for sure.  Watch this space!!

There has of course been the concern about our girl's operation and it is wonderful to know that she
 has come through it so well and is now eating fairly normal meals although in much smaller quantities. Then there were the rotten scoundrels that burgled them twice in two weeks and we worry about them being worried and their safety too knowing full well we can do nothing to help other than care about them and give them all the moral support we can.

Are the above happenings really enough to wear out a couple of oldies or are we just becoming lazy in our old age?  We did go to our physio exercise group this morning and enjoyed it as we usually do as they are a really great group of people and we do have some laughs as well as do some much needed exercise.  There's usually about 10 of us plus our physio and after so many years we are just like a little family, as one of the ladies said to me this morning.  We care about each other and if someone is absent for some reason or other they are always missed and we look forward to their return.

I guess I have written this today not so much to complain but to try and put some perspective into what has been happening of late.  We should not grizzle about our life as we have a roof over our heads and food on the table and there are so many millions on this earth so much worse of than we are but sometimes you just have to sit down and think about what's going on and that is what I've just done.  Boring for others but hopefully beneficial for yours truly.


  1. Good grief Mimsie, so much going on - what to comment on? I hope you and your hubby are feeling better soon - and glad to hear that Kakka's coming well from her operation. As for the two robberies in two weeks, how horrendous.

    Glad to see you're still looking on the bright side of life. You really are a treasure xx

  2. Oh PPMJ thank you so much for taking time to visit and for leaving a comment as well. You will never know how much I appreciate you doing so.
    They say laughter is the best medicine so we hope to keep smiling through thick and thin. Life without laughter is not a life at all.
    Not so sure about the treasure though. xx

  3. Getting older stinks doesn't it? But much to look forward to. Hope you are both fast tracking back to health and happiness.

  4. Yes Delores at times it does until one considers the alternative!!! Not sure about FAST tracking but hopefully will get there....eventually. Love it when you pop in for a visit. Thanks.

  5. Give us this day our daily whinge. You are entitled - and I think it is always better to get it off your chest anyway instead of brooding.
    Here's to improved health for both of you. Soon.

  6. With so much going on I'm not at all surprised that you and hubby are feeling tired a lot. The heat just adds to the stress.
    I'm way behind you in years, but I'm feeling it too.
    The heat just drains all energy from me, and all I seem to do is work and sleep, work and sleep, it's getting to the point where I've about had enough.