Sunday, February 10, 2013


That is indeed the question a lot of us are asking today in Perth.  Yesterday was hot (38C) and today, tomorrow and the next day are forecast to be 41C (105.8) with Wednesday cooling down to 40C.  Then a few days respite in the low 30Cs and one wonders which way the temperature gauge will go from then on.  We still have the dreadful month of March to survive before much hope of cooler weather.

The picture of the sun from 'clipart' makes me think the sun really is angry with us 'cos that is how it feels if you venture outside and it's not the best inside either unless you have airconditioning, or at the very least overhead fans.

We are warned to look after ourselves during this heatwave which reminds me I must go and have another glass of water.  Keeping hydrated is the instruction but as I am not moving around very much, hopefully that is not likely to happen.

Unfortunately our eastern states cousins will probably cop some of this heatwave in the days to come so to my friends over try and keep cool if you can. 

We are fortunate here in the West that so far any fires have been reasonably small ones but with this constant heat and a forecast of fairly strong easterly winds anything could happen but we can only hope that all will be well.


  1. Keep cool over there.....I can't imagine a heat that intense.

  2. We are keeping as cool as we can....I can assure you of that. I will not even venture outside if I can avoid doing so. I do so envy you your snow even though it causes problems for everyone. Hope you in turn can keep warm. At least you can add more clothing. When it's HOT you can only take so much off!!

  3. We have your heat making its way over to us too, with temps in the mid 30s all the rest of the week. Probably higher after that although I hope not, since I have no choice but to go out in it to wait at bus stops on my way to and from work. Even at work, I get too hot. The store has airconditioning, but the checkout area is not as cool as the rest of the store. It used to be and the other girls used to wear cardigans and jackets, now it is kept warmer so that we all just wear shirts and I suffer quite a bit.

  4. Yes River I thought our heat would be with you before too long. I am so glad I don't have to go out in it these days and I often wonder how I managed for many years to drive to and from work in a car without airconditioning. Each day at about 5pm I would head eastwards for about 10 miles right into the afternoon sun. Fortunately we live only a couple of miles from the coast and we benefit from even a light sea breeze so as I neared home the temperature would drop quite dramatically.
    Do you find they often heat the shops too much during the cooler months? They do here so if I go shopping I need to wear summer winter.
    Rotten about it being warm in your part of the store. I find others feel the cold and I suffer as I don't but majority usually wins.
    Hope you manage to keep cool over the next week or so.