Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today I remember with fondness a lady who played quite a big role in my life for a number of years.  She was born 114 years ago today and she was my mother-in-law, the mother of my first husband.

Grace was a very gentle lady who always meant well and I never heard her say a bad work about anybody.  She kept a very neat house and cooked ordinary but tasty everyday meals and loved her roses and her irises.  She had a cage full of budgies and she adored her second husband who loved her in return and I was always glad she found so much happiness with him.  She was devastated when he died.

She had been trained as a dressmaker/tailoress and she made my wedding dress for me and it was beautiful and strangely enough when Catherine married Prince William the similarity between her gown and mine was unbelievable although hers probably cost a hundred times more than mine did.  My daughter even blogged with pictures of the two gowns showing how similar in design they were.

Unfortunately when my first husband and I separated I saw a lot less of this special lady but I did still see her occasionally until not long before she died in 1986 at the age of 88.  MOH and I attended her funeral and I was glad to be able to be present to say goodbye to her.

I hope you are now resting peacefully sweet lady.  xx


  1. I remember she celebrated her birthday on the wrong day for many, many years. Wasn't it because her first husband has his birthday on the day before hers?

    Loving these posts Mum.

  2. Lucky you Mimsie, a lovely mother-in-law certainly is someone to treasure - and she sounds positively lovely.

  3. Yes she was very good to me PPMJ and yes Karen you are right. Your grandfather was born on 17 February so they apparently celebrated together for years and your grandma continued to celebrate on that date. I don't think we found out her birthday was actually until 18 February until after she was gone.