Friday, February 24, 2012


My back is really bad today and walking is painful.  I know I shouldn't sit down as much as I do but......

MOH and I saw our GP today to get some scripts etc., and he's not going to have either of us put down so that is good news.

It is quite warm and humid and I really do hate humidity.  It is nice to be able to open up the house and let the sea breeze blow through but still need the overhead fans on.  Wishing my life away again and waiting for winter to begin.

Our GP is soon to go away on 6 weeks leave so we have to stay healthy at least until he gets back.

I keep thinking about the stupidity of our Federal government and the goings on between all the players and begin to wonder if we really still are The Lucky Country.

I am looking forward to watching another episode of Sea Change tonight.  I know it is a repeat but still think it is one of the best series ever made by the ABC.

I sit and think about all the things I want to do and then when I get up to do them something hurts so I sort of put it off yet again.  My motto now seems to be "never do today what you can put off until tomorrow!!"

Am still finding it so difficult to take in the fact that I am now 80 years of age.  Never expected to see the turn of the century and yet here it is 2012.  Wow!!!!

How beautiful is the butterfly in the picture on the calendar about my desk.  Wish it was real.  I love butterflies.

The worries I so often have about my beautiful daughter and her health problems.  She tries so hard to do the right things about keeping healthy but sometimes it just doesn't seem to work for her.  I know that feeling myself so guess she is her mother's daughter in more ways than one.  Love you heaps.

Final thought for now.....Must think about what to have for dinner and get on and do something about its preparation.

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