Thursday, February 16, 2012


I am not sure just how long we lived in the house in Wellington Street but I do know it was before I turned 7 that we moved to another place where we rented 2 rooms and shared conveniences and this was to a big house at 196 Goderich Street in East Perth.  There were two flats in the back garden and my brother Len lived in one of those so I guess it was he that arranged for our move.

Auntie Sheila (wife of my Uncle Lindsay Anderson) told me recently that her grandfather had actually owned and lived in the very same house many years previously.  A small world indeed.

I had begun attending Victoria Square College (now known as Mercedes College) while still living in Wellington Street but it was much more convenient for me now that we had moved as the front gate of the school was opposite where we were now living and I only had to cross the street to get to school.

My brother Len was married to Jean during this time and we of course attended their wedding and mum had made a very pretty horseshoe on a ribbon and I gave this to Jean, for good luck, as she was entering the church.

I celebrated my 7th birthday here and mum gave me a party to which were invited 5 girls from my school as well as 3 children of friends of mum and dad.  I have a lovely picture of all of us with our party hats on all looking as though we are enjoying ourselves very much.

Brother Len also joined the Royal Australian Air Force.  He'd never been brilliant at maths while at school and mum tutored him before he had to sit for his entrance exam and he passed with flying colours and eventually became an aerial photographer and during WW2 he actually flew out of Darwin with the American Airforce and took photos of the results of bombing raids on Borneo which was of course at that time in the possession of the Japanese.  I may tell more about that on a later blog.

I think we were quite happy living in the house in Goderich Street but it would not be long before were were on the move again and next time it was to rent a duplex in Royal Street (also in East Perth).  More about that next time.

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