Saturday, May 22, 2010


Last night and today it has been raining very heavily here in Perth and tonight it is quite windy as well. It is many months since we had any rain to speak of and we really do need it badly and hopefully it will continue right through to the spring months and even beyond.

Folk I know are already complaining about the cold, the rain etc. but for some reason I have always enjoyed winter.

I know little about genetics but I do know that my great-grandparents came from Denmark and northern Scotland respectively as did their childen and so on. Have I perhaps inherited from them the abiity to withstand cold weather (not that Perth is ever THAT cold....min temp seldom below 2C and that is quite rare with daytime temps probably averaging about 19C) although they themselves may have been very glad to leave it behind when they ventured to Australia.

My dear other half came from the middle of England and tells me I don't know what it is like to be really cold and I am sure he perfectly correct in saying that and I notice that if a cool breeze blows he is the first to don a jacket. It is inborn in him that if it is breezy then it must be cold even though he has lived in Oz for 50 years now. In summer when I have the house cool he often has to put on a jacket and in winter when he warms the house I have to take my jacket off. What a contradictory pair we are to be sure. A bit like Jack Spratt and his wife!!

Whatever the reason for my liking of winter, all I know is that I enjoy it tremendously and always look back to my youth when I could wear an overcoat and warm clothing when I went out and enjoy doing so. Now I can't because everywhere one goes there is airconditioning set at quite a high temperature. It is for that reason that I still wear short sleeved clothing in winter or I would feel I was cooking when going to shopping centres etc. People laugh at me and say they never see me with long sleeves and can't understand it but that is just the way I am.

I would imagine that most people that read this post would think me a little crazy and are already longing for those crazy, lazy days of summer. This though is one chicken that is as happy as larry with the current weather pattern.

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