Sunday, May 23, 2010


My dear hubby and I have now been married close to 43 years and the other day I found a poem written by Dianna Nelly which goes a long way toward describing how our own marriage has been. It has had its up and downs (most good marriages do) but on the whole the second time around for us both has been more than just satisfactory. I have adjusted a few words to make the poem fit us but on the whole it is word for word as Dianna wrote it. I apologise to her for taking the liberty of making minor alterations.


A good marriage is made of equal respect
And the ability to communicate.
You have to be able to talk to each other
You need to be able to relate.

You have to show each other every day
How much in love you are.
It takes two people to make it work
Together and not from afar.

Some say you don't have to work on a marriage
Marriages work out on their own.
Those are the people who live in denial
And usually end up alone.

And don't forget we all have our faults;
Stay strong and feed off each other.
Think about being happy in marriage
And less about its length.

All I can tell is what works for us;
It's been working for over 40 years.
We've shared love, respect and friendship
And we've even shared a few tears.

I wouldn't trade this marriage for money;
I'd never trade this man that I love.
An example of really great soulmates;
Our marriage is blessed with true love.

If I showed this to my other half he would probably say I'd gone a bit soppy but even taking into account ups and down we've had I would not exchange him and I don't think he would exchange me. We have both told each other we can not imagine what like would be like without the other and I think that says it all. He may annoy me at times (and I him of course) but we sort of make a good team and try to look after each other as much as we can. Each night I pop an eye drop in his bad eye that has glaucoma and let him do the 'good' eye so he still can practise getting it right!! He is wonderful in doing so many things I can no longer do and I remind him about his insulin injections (he often does forget) and little things like that. As said above...I feel we do make a pretty good team.

I hope others will enjoy this little poem and that they too will have good and lasting marriages.

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