Friday, May 21, 2010


Had a scan this week to see why I am having these new aches and pains in my lower back etc., and it shows the usual problem at L5/S1 which we've known about for some time. It seems most of my back is in pretty bad condition from top to bottom and now everything has been tried to help, it is a case of grin and bear it.

I will not take strong pain killers as they can play havoc with your mind and at least my brain is working well (at least at present) and I find so much enjoyment using my computer. Also can't take anti-inflammatories 'cos they can interfers with other medications I am on and they are a risky idea anyway.

Can't knit or crochet much anymore and any fine needlework (cross stitch etc) is out as I can no longer hold a small sewing needle. Can use the sewing machine but not able to cut out fabric so have to stick to small jobs such as mending etc.

I have tried to do small jobs in the garden and it's a case of 5 minutes on my feet and 5 minutes sitting down so I dont get a lot done but am giving it a go but when I look around our garden and see what I did over the years I do feel sad that I can no longer enjoy doing much.

Don't get me wrong, I am not really feeling sorry for myself but at times I get so frustrated...remembering....and knowing my limitations that I now have to accept.

One consolation.....I apparently have very strong bones so good chance I will never suffer from osteoporosis....there's always an up side to everything and for that I do have to be thankful.

I also don't know of any mental problems among my ancestors so hopefully this old brain will keep functioning for some time to come.

I still have two legs and I CAN walk (although not much) so what have I really got to complain about?


  1. Well Dr Ken sort of told you that may be the case and I know you were being realistic about the outcome, but it is still crappy news when it is confirmed. At some point stronger pain killers may be what you need, but I agree that you don't want to hop on that bandwagon too soon. I know you don't want to move but maybe a place with a smaller garden and something that is easier to look after would help. I really am sorry that there is no quick fix solution. Hugs xxxx

  2. Thanks my love. Yes I think we knew what the answer would be but one always hopes. With your wonderful help I am hoping that James can get out garden into good order and make it workable for the future without Pop having to do too much. xxx