Saturday, April 10, 2010


I often wonder in the hustle and bustle of modern living how many people take time to 'smell the roses'.

Now I am retired and partially disabled I probably move at a much, much slower pace but even if out in the car I notice so many wonderful things. I love trees of all shapes and sizes, deciduous or evergreen. I love to see them moving in the breeze and of course they help keep the environment at least a little cleaner for us as well.

I love to watch clouds in the sky. Suddenly a tiny cloud appears in what was a clear blue sky and you can watch it grow and change shape and it is wondrous to see. These often join together to make one huge cloud and after long dry spells you hope that there will eventually be some rain.

I love animals, particularly cats, and watching animals and their antics can be so amusing and quite delightful at times. If I go outside our little cat always seems to know I am there and she will run up to me miaowing and rubs around my ankles. I then have to pick her up in case I trip over her 'cos if I fell over I would not be able to get up. She allows me to pick her up quite readily but not to stand still with her but to walk around carrying her. If my laundry trolley happens to be handy I can pop her in the basket and wheel her around which is great for both of us. I have even moved the wheelie bin with her sitting on top of it. It was empty of course.

I love flowers in all their different colours, shapes and sizes and I take notice of how people have their gardens set up and what they are growing. Flower beds are not so prolific these days as I think people are too busy to grow annuals but there are still some very lovely gardens in the suburbs.

I also enjoy sitting (perhaps in a shopping mall) and watching people and wondering about them. Where did they come from originally? Are they content with their life? What are their thoughts etc. etc. Facial expressions are also worth seeing. Gee, do I look like that at times? Oh to sometimes see ourselves as others see us goes through my mind.

Yes, there are indeed some fascinating sights to be seen if one only takes the time to look. What a wonderful thing our sight is to be sure and my heart always goes out to those less fortunate than me whose sight is very poor or non-existent. I am so grateful that my sight is still reasonably good and can only hope it remains that way.

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