Thursday, April 8, 2010


After that dreadful post I wrote a short while ago I began to think that things really don't stay dark for all that long and then started to think about good things that have happened lately. It never does to be 'down' all the time and writing what I did helped a lot and I moved on and back to better times.

This year it was great that we were included in the Easter family get-together and it turned out to be a really wonderful morning.

My OH and I went to our daughter and son-inlaw's home for breakfast and we were joined by our three granddaughters, one grandson-in-law and two darling great-granddaughters.

Our breakfast consisted of bacon (done on the BBQ), delicious scrambled eggs (must get that recipe from my daughter as they were perfect) hot cross buns, toast, orange juice and coffee afterwards. Not a breakfasat one should have too often but you really do enjoy something that good when it happens.

Then of course came the distribution of Easter eggs. Of course for the children there had to be an odd egg or two hidden in the garden with whoops of delight when they found them. The oldies too all received eggs of one type or another and it was great that those that gave us eggs remembers our preference for dark chocolate. Thanks so much for doing that. Mine are long gone but OH still has some of his left but I am sure they won't last too much longer.

It was wonderful to spend about 4 hours with the family and I am hoping we will see them all again before too long. We missed seeing our grandson but he was busy working on the weekend but sent him an egg via his sister (I am sure she passed it on OK).

One little highlight of the morning was meeting Gizmo, a delightful 7 week old rag doll kitten that granddaughter #2 had just acquired. He was so tiny and one could have cuddled him for hours. Thanks for bringing him along to meet the family.

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