Thursday, April 15, 2010


Last night, on his way home from work, my 27 year old grandson was mugged by some low life who obviously has a lot of evil in them. Not only was my grandson knocked out but he had all his possessions (wallet etc) stolen. I wonder did he have his iPod marked so it can be recognised if someone tries to sell it.

I am not sure where the third person came from but some wonderful person not only came to the assistance of my grandson, but also rang the police and ambulance and stayed with him until help arrived. He even offered to go to the hospital if needed. There may even be a chance he can describe the attacker which coule perhaps help in his apprehension.

This event is horrible and seems so much part of modern life now and it is I am sure happening more than ever these days (there are those that disagree with this but I am sure 50 or 60 years back when I was young there was very little of this type of behaviour going on). Why was it we did not lock our house or car doors (you actually couldn't lock your car back then). Whey was it I could walk anywhere I wanted to
in Perth without fear of attack of any kind? I am sorry but I have to disagree and say yes, this type of behaviour is far more prevalent now than back then. The world now is not the one I once knew and felt comfortable in. Would I go for a walk after dark nowadays, even in our own suburb? No, I certainly would not and even my husband would think twice before venturing very far on his own after dark.

One aspect of this nasty occurrence is the fact that someone cared enough to render assistance and my heart goes out to that unknown person and I wish I was able to say thank you to him. For some reason this act of kindness seems to overrule the cruelty of the attack. My grandson, although sore and sorry and obviously traumatised, is still very much alive and I am sure that he too will feel very kindly towards the man who helped him. Maybe the police will be able to tell him who this chap was and he will be able to say thank you to him.

We oldies remember how much people helped each other and stuck together through the depression and war years. Are people these days getting it far too easy and expecting far too much and when they don't get it they take matters into their own hands. Do we need some hardship to overtake us when hopefully once again people would all begin to care about each other rather than be inclined to think it is their right to take that which is not rightfully theirs. I hate wars etc., but I sometimes wonder what it would take to make all human beings once again begin to act with compassion and tenderness towards their fellow man.

My love and kind thoughts go out to my grandson and I do hope that this occurrence will not disrupt his life too much. It has happened, it cannot be undone and as with everything that happens to us in this life it has to be put behind him so he can get on with what has been a pretty good life so far.

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