Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today our youngest great-granddaughter (I think of her as our little rosebud) had a party to celebrate her second birthday (her birthday was actually yesterday). Of course her mum and dad were there (in their really lovely new home) two aunts and a cousin, her grandparents and us (her g.g/parents).

Some time was spent with the birthday girl opening lots of presents ("the clothes I can look at later....lots of more exciting things than clothes" she seemed to say) and then we all sat down at a beautifully decorated long table and had fairy bread, crisps, little red sausages (I remember them from birthday parties years ago), chocolate crackles, some lovely iced cookies and cupcakes which were actually the birthday cake with one tiny cupcake with two candles, and those candles had to be blown out twice so photos could be taken. Then we of course had to sing Happy Birthday twice as well. It was all so well organised and enjoyable.

After all that there were more presents to open and although we were there for over two and half hours the guest of honour behaved extremely well all the time. She is such a credit to her parents and although she is surrounded by love all the time and given lovely gifts none of it seems to have spoilt her at all.

We all had a wonderful afternoon and it was so great to be included in this celebration as we seem to have missed out on quite a few family birthdays over the past year or so. We are so pleased that we were asked to attend this one and it is a day I shall remember for a long time to come.

I sometimes sort of hold my breath while watching this little child....she sort of seems so perfect in every way and is a wonder to behold. She has so much understanding for someone so young...they often say of children "that one has been here before" and I think that seems to be the case here. I hope I shall live long enough to at least see her grow up for a while yet.

Footnote: Whenever my grandchildren would have birthdays over the years their sisters/brothers also were given little gifts by me (to sort of spread the happiness aruond) and today I remembered I used to do that so gave our oldest g/granddaughter $5 to spend on herself. Thought it would be nice to carry the tradition on while I can. Next year I must try and remember to buy each of them a small gift on the other's birthday.


  1. It was a wonderful afternoon wasn't it. I too think this one has been here before, just like C was when she was little. Old souls sent back to help this ailing world.

  2. You could be right about her being here before, my love. She reminds me so much of Christie as a little one..a really contented child and seemingly happy with everyone. She really captures you heart and our family is so lucky she is part of it. xxx