Wednesday, February 10, 2010


No matter what disasters may overtake you try to never give up as there is always hope that things will improve. The story of the donkey in the well comes to mind.

One day an old donkey fell into a disused well. The farmer knew it would cost a lot of money to hire equipment to get the donkey out so he decided that as the donkey was very old the best thing would be just to fill the well with sand. He contacted several of his neighbours and asked if they could help him fill in this disused well as it could be dangeros. They gathered together with their shovels and began to fill the well with sand. After a while, to see how things were going, the farmer looked into the well and, his absolute amazement, there was the donkey standing on top of all the sand that had been shovelled into the well. He watched and found that as the sand landed on the donkey it shook it off and kept climbing on the pile of sand. After some time the donkey was at the top of the well and ambled off into a nearby field. Needless to say the neighbours were not at all happy when they realised what the farmer had intended to happen to the poor donkey.

The thing I am trying to get at is this: As things pile in on you just keep climbing until you get on top of them and you too can amble off and enjoy your life again.

There is an end to the story of the donkey......a few days later the farmer was in the field and the donkey bit him. The farmer developed blood poisoning and eventually died from it. There is a moral to be found there as well. Think about it. People often do get their just desserts.

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