Saturday, February 27, 2010


In Perth we are enduring a very prolonged heatwave with temps up to 42C (107F) and it is going on and on. Summer officially ends tomorrow but the heat continues and, knowing what the month of March can be like in our city, one would expect little respite for some weeks to come.

I mentioned our ducted R/C aircon was waiting to be fixed and meanwhile we only have the old hole in the wall aircon in the living room. Don't get me wrong it works a treat but only cools down that one living area. There is a large fan in the kitchen but it is just too hot to be excited about cooking so it is cold food and salads. We both love those foods but I am waiting for a day when I can turn the griller or oven on and have something different to eat.

The bedroom has an overhead fan which works well but when the night temps are so high sleep is not as good as it should be. I noticed the last couple of nights that even my cat left the bed and slept on the floor although I notice she picks a spot that is nearly right underneath the ceiling fan.

Then it comes to jobs I am in the midst of doing which just get left in abeyance while it is so hot. Still lots of sorting going on as usual and it is those times when I seem to have more bits and pieces than usual spread out everywhere mainly cos I have piles of this and that to go here and there and I just give up and wait for the cooler weather.

I guess I live an almost aimless type of existence in heatwave conditions BUT when that aircon is fixed I promise myself I will once again get on top of everything and keep on sorting and sorting until, hopefully one day, everything will be in its place and there will be a place for everything. Am trying to remember for how many years I have been saying that!! One good thing though, no matter how big the muddle I always know where to find anything I want which is more than lots of people tidy people can say. Guess it proves that there can be order in chaos after all.

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