Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I think I have mentioned in a previous blog that each Wednesday moning I become part of a group of oldies who go to our physiotherapist to do exercises. There is often up to 10 of us and we are all aged over 78 and up to 85 with various types of medical or physical problems.

We do sitting down exercises, use weights and also do balance and stretching exercises. We usually have someone tell at last one joke each week and we have lots of fun and laugh a lot.

Last week Jenny, our physio, who would be about 50ish, said: "After knowing all of you for a few years I now realise that I have no fear of getting old. You all still seem to enjoy life so much."

Yes, there are many problems that come with advancing years but you can't just sit and complain about it....you have to get on with life and if you can be an inspiration for someone 30+ years younger than you then you feel you have done a good job.

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