Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Well, it was a quiet week and rather quieter than we expected it to  be.  Had a message from Paul the tree man to say he couldn't make it yesterday as a wheel had come off their cherry picker.  When I spoke to him later he said it happened this morning on one of our busiest highways but fortunately didn't cause any problems.  They had to have it towed to be repaired which apparently is quite a big job.  This shows the huge branches on the ground and the one piece of the eucalypt that collapsed recently.  It takes up about a quarter of the front garden so the sooner it's gone the better.  The fine leaves showing at the top are from the weeping peppermint.

As tomorrow is forecast to he wet and possibly with thunderstorms we have rescheduled for Wednesday midday and hopefully all will then be all steam ahead.  I do so want to get the garden looking nice again, apart from the weeds and they just keep on doing their own merry dance.  Our whipper snipper died last year and Phil hasn't done anything to get it fixed.  We do have our lawn man come in every 5 weeks and we have now heard that Howard has retired and a new man will be here on Wednesday.  Only hope he will be as good as Howard and Russell before him.  One can only hope.   This is the very large weeping peppermint which is going to have its top removed as it has become very straggly.  There is a lovely climber covering most of the trunk so it should still look OK.

On the other side of the driveway there is an exceptionally large bottlebrush (King's Park Special)  and the right hand branch is to be removed as well as the large branch on the left which is heading for our neighbour's house.  Have you noticed our beautiful blue skies yesterday?  Maybe some 'after' pictures next week....who knows!!

Seems pandemonium reigns supreme after the Brexit vote in Britain on Thursday. Now Scotland and Northern Ireland want to leave England and a supposed petition of more than 2 million signatures to hold a second referendum is said to have had 80,000 forged signatures on it.  What some people will do to get their own way.   Phil and I are only sorry the result wasn't more decisive than it was but a result is a result no matter which we you look at it.   One wonders how much effect it will have on our Federal elections which will be held next Saturday.

Can you tell me why other countries in the world have their voting days on a week day?  It has never made sense to me as the majority of people don't work on Saturdays.  Is it a religious thing perhaps?  I can't see that being the case in Britain but one never knows why these things are scheduled as they are.

Incidentally, I have put in a postal vote this year.  I find it difficult to stand in one place for very long and your often have to queue even if you feel you've chosen the best time to go to the polling booth and our senate voting paper is so LARGE it takes a while to fill in even if now we only have to tick 12 spaces below the line or 6 above.   I personally prefer to place my votes below the line as I don't want any party telling me who I am going to vote for, even if it is the party of my choice.

I am sure that is enough chat for this Tuesday.  Mustn't bore you to tears.  Back again with more chat next week all things being equal.


  1. Not bored at all.
    I hope that you get your work done - and that you have some welcome rain.
    I voted last week. At an early voting centre. No queues. Which makes a difference for me too.

    1. It has been really pouring with rain today which gladdens my heart no end and it's cool without being icy.
      Hopefully the trees will all look trim by about this time tomorrow.
      I had thought about early voting too but thought, in my case, a postal vote a better choice and it was.

  2. Lucky you, to get workers to come. We get promises, but they seldom if ever show up. (Guess they want us to deliver the lawn and trees to them) I believe my pecans have some kind of problem. We've lost one tree already with whatever is wrong.

    Saturday is the Sabbath. Can't do stuff like voting then.

    1. We have some quite reliable tradesmen in Perth, thank goodness. Plumbers, electricians, etc don't as a rule let us down.
      Ring your local nursery and ask for help re your pecans or check online.
      I don't think being the Sabbath would cause us in Oz to vote instead on a weekday and I certainly don't think that is the reason in the UK. Must try and find out why they do that. Interesting research.

  3. I'm not looking forward to filling out that huge paper. I may just draw happy daisies all over it, 70's style.
    That's a lot of garden work you're having done. More people should think preventative measures instead of waiting for disaster then fighting legal costs in court if damages are incurred.

    1. River, it is much easier this year as only 6 squares above the line (if you want to do what they want you to do) or 12 names below the line (in any order if you like) which only takes a couple of minutes. Much better.
      When we moved here in '74 I planted lots of trees although a couple of self-sown. I just want to get it all done before disaster does strike. Fortunately the one that fell did so into our garden so no problem other than getting it removed.

  4. .. I hope you are happy with your tree man tomorrow Mimsie.....
    My mum is doing postal vote this year.
    ..hugs... barb xxx

    1. Expecting the tree man soon and the rain has cleared away so he should have a clear go. Will be good to get it all done even though it's pricey. Just needs to be done.
      Glad you mum is using the postal vote option. Great idea. xx