Thursday, May 28, 2015


No, it's not Candy but this little chap that has sat on my desks for a number of years.  First on a small desk and now on my computer desk just in front of my computer.  His name of course is Gizmo.

He is only 5cms (2 inches) tall but we've been friends for years and we often have a little chat.  I, of course, am always careful not to get him wet or feed him after midnight!!

Where did he come from?  Our eldest granddaughter stayed with us for a few days way back when she was about 14 and the "Gremlins" movie was showing in Perth so she decided she'd like to go and see it.  They were selling souvenir bags so she bought herself one and this little fellow was amongst the goodies and she gave him to me as a keepsake.

I wonder does she remember going to see that movie as that is well over 25 years ago or even more.

I must apologise for neglecting everyone's blogs over the past few days.  Had to cover the computer because of dust while the windows were being done and I also had medical things to do.  I will try and catch up over the next few days.  I've not forgotten any of you.

Our polite young workman arrived a little later this morning (traffic problems as it's a long way from Bassendean to our place and he had to stop for petrol as well).  Anyway he got here OK and my workroom is now the proud owner of a beautiful new window.  Unfortunately I couldn't get back far enough to take a good pic but you must admit in the before and after shots I sure looks good.


and after    

It was certainly worth it and now there is so much to do to make the rest of this neglected area look good too.  You can see the awning over the window and beyond that a giant "miniature" umbrella tree.  You grow them as a potplant and then when they get too big for indoors you pop them in the garden and they become enormous and this one does a great job shading this room from the afternoon sun in summer.

I asked the young man about his job and he said it is a family business first begun by the grandfather and is now run by his son and grandsons.  He is very happy working there and said they are very good to the staff and generous as well with good wages etc.  I found it so pleasing to hear of a family business still going well in this day and age and would recommend them to anyone as their work is first class.  I think I am happier with these windows than I've been with any work I've had done over the years.  Nice to feel satisfied for once.


  1. Hari OM
    Awww Love to Gizmo - &*> Your windows do look real fresh... and isn't it always the way that once work is begun like this, more reveals itself?!!

    A hint my father gave many a decade ago but which I found worked; if you find a tradesperson whose work you really like - ASK THEM FOR REFERRAL OF OTHER TRADES! It is not in their interests just to do 'jobs for mates' as it will reflect on their business also. Stood me in good stead, that little gem... YAM xx

    1. Any new work in this house reveals lots of work needing to be done and but it's slow and hopefully sure these days. Having to now get workmen in one has to watch one's pennies.
      I agree with your suggestion and have done the the past as good workmen will never recommend anyone they don't trust themselves. xx

  2. Wow! What a difference your new window makes. All that lovely light spreading into the room and onto Gizmo and isn't he a handsome fella. Now you have a bright, airy space, "A Room Of One's Own" (to borrow from Virginia Woolf) to write and create as many gems as you like.

    1. I now look at the windows and wonder why I left it so long but other things gook precedence.
      This is very much my room although there is a chair in the corner where Phil sometimes sits for a while and even Candy takes the occasional nap.
      It is also a storeroom so I am surrounded by too much 'stuff' which is gradually being sorted through.
      I'm not sure about greating gems these days as the old mind is slowing down but I keep trying to keep on keeping on as much as I can.
      Always great to have you pop in for a visit.

  3. Love your new window. And Gizmo of course.
    Jazz n Jewel would play with him here. I assume Candy has better manners.

    1. That window continues to please me.
      Candy is not one of those cats that steals things fortunately although will sometimes be fascinated by an article and will play with it. She is more of a floor play cat. Our Henry probably would have had Gizmo as he did love to steal bits and pieces.

  4. The new window is such an improvement. Love the "miniature" umbrella tree. I had one of those once. It outgrew several pots before I finally planted it. I should get another, it would grow to shade my front door.
    I remember the film Gremlins, I haven't seen the whole movie, just bits of it, but that was more than enough. As a well-known TV character says, "don't get the Gremlins wet, don't feed the Gremlins after midnight, how hard is that?"

    1. I am still admiring that window (and those in the back verandah) each time I see it/ them. Wonderful improvement.
      I also have one of those miniature umbrellas in the front garden and it must be all of 12ft tall.
      I think it would be a good idea if you could buy an advanced one as it would make wonderful shade and they are so easily pruned into shape.
      I did watch the film "Gremlins" years ago but never the follow ups. It was in the film that we were warned about the wetness and feeding after midnight. I thought Gizmo a real delight and every time I see him I think of granddaughter Christie.