Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Hi....now I am writing as myself having for some weeks shown my mother's writing (her book of course).  It's taken me a while to come down from the high I experienced recounting her life and all her exploits but now I have to get my mind back into gear again, if that's possible.

We in Perth are always wanting it to rain, usually from September through to March, as we have very dry summers and we suffer from water restrictions and our gardens suffer badly from lack of sufficient water.

This year we had a few showers in March but nothing to speak of and then it became dry again until this weekend just gone and then it really began to rain with a vengeance and around our way, over a few days, we had 3+ inches (over 80mm).  Wonderful!!

OK, that's all very interesting isn't it?  What?  Not interesting talking about rain?  That shows you don't live in Perth!!!

I was so delighted with the rain that I wrote a few words on Facebook talking of my joy at the wet stuff finally arriving and, in doing so, I searched for a picture of rain I could add to my post.  When doing so I also found this one which I thought very profound:

Whether it was intended to be written in the past tense because someone had left I don't know, but the words struck me as being very true.   There are times in our lives when we do cry and it is wonderful to have someone close who will just hold your hand and love you at that time without having to understand why you are crying or blame themselves for it.  I have such a person in Phil and I am ever thankful that he is by my side when I need him.   There are times, because of diabetes and the constant aches and pains, that I give a little whimper as I sit in my armchair and nearly always a hand will reach across to hold mine for a minute or two.   Just a hand...no words....but that is all I need to bring a smile to my face.  How thankful I am for that hand, and that man.


  1. This is such a poignant post; it brought a lump to my throat. What a kind man Phil is and how comforted you must be to have him near you at times like this.

    I have been a little unwell and have only just caught up with the final instalments of your mum's life story and I wanted to say thank you for sharing her words and her world. It was a privilege to meet her.

    1. Yes Tez, I am fortunate in having someone who cares so much.
      Sorry you've not been well but so glad you managed to catch up with the final parts of mum's story and enjoyed reading about her exploits. She was one fantastic lady.

  2. I've had someone hold me while I cried and have returned the favour several times; it's comforting whether you are the giver or the recipient. Crying alone is such an empty feeling.
    We're having rain here in Adelaide now too, most of last night I heard it pouring down with a giant thunderclap in the very early morning hours,
    around 2am I think. We're set to get rain for the next three days, then a dry weekend.

    1. I have twice tried to reply to your comment but someone out there is cyberspace is refusing to allow me. Hope third time lucky so here goes.
      I think it so wonderful to comfort a dear on when needed and to be comforted in return. We all need to have a cry for one reason or another and to be held makes everything OK again.
      We in the West are very generous and saved some rain to send your way. Hope you enjoyed it. We were fortunate in not having one clap of thunder at our place. Big sigh of relief from your truly.

  3. Replies
    1. We both have our faults but when it's important we are there for each other and that's what counts.

  4. Hari OM
    Absolutely, Mimsie.... on both counts. Wish I could send you some of the wet stuff from here!!! sending hugs from afar.... YAM xx

    1. Crikey Mimsie .... I sure like the sound of your Phil. What a wonderful bloke he must be. My Mum holds me when I hurt. I'm a BIG wimp and cry, big time, if I hurt myself. Mum says nothing ...... just holds me. It sure does the trick, aye??
      All that sand is why you need so much rain, aye?? The water just goes straight through. It's the same at our house.

    2. It's OK Yam our 80mm over the weekend did us well and there could be more showers on the weekend if we are lucky.
      To be cared for and care in return in what makes life worth living. xx

    3. Phil is a good bloke Charlie as is your mum it seems.
      Yes our sand doesn't hold the water and it it doesn't rain then it's garden watering which gets tedious after many months of it.

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