Sunday, August 19, 2012


Rockingham is a place we have always loved to go to but don't visit often enough.  We have decided to try and change that in the future especially now they have closed the hotel in Kwinana where we used to go for lunch.

On the Thursday in question we once again met our young friend, (well at 48 he is young to us) the youngest son of my friend Judy that died three and a half years ago.  He has since then lost his dad as well so we try to keep in touch with him and he has been wonderful in touching up and enlarging some really old black and white photos of mine.  Some of those photos are nearly 80 years old and he has done a fantastic job with them.

We decided this time not to go to the Rockingham Hotel but tried a place on the front at Rockingham which was The Merchant Tea & Coffee and their meals are quite different to those we usually eat but we really enjoyed them and then a really great cup of coffee afterwards with a piece of tasty fruit slice.

When we felt we had sat for long enough in the cafe we decided, as it was such a beautiful sunny day (although there was a brisk breeze blowing), we would go across the large grassed esplanade and find a seat to sit on.  I wasn't sure how well I would go walking but with my trusty walking stick and a couple of stops on the way we (I) made it OK.  We found a vacant seat and I got to work with my little camera and took these snaps of a very beautiful place.

This is looking back towards where the cafe is where we had lunch.  There have been major developments in Rockingham in past years and this is a recently built block of apartments.  One can only imagine the views the residents get from up there.

Looking out towards Garden Island where there has been a naval base for a number of years.

Looking northwards towards Perth.

MOH and our young friend having an animated discussion.  I am so pleased that they get on so well.   I just love R's hat.  He has another one he wears in summer which has lots of holes in it (gives him better ventilation he says).

There are numerous cafes and restaurants in Rockingham which I am sure we will try over coming months and we can always take a cut lunch with us when on our own and just enjoy sitting on the esplanade on a warm day to enjoy the peace and the lovely views.


  1. That sounds like a really nice outing. I am so glad you were able to walk across the esplanade.

  2. Oh you are a sweetheart, your are the same age as my father (very proud retired naval commander & grandfather of 14.) We have friends who live in Rockingham, they love it. Love Posie

  3. Thank you Posie Patchwork for your comments and yours too of course Elephant's Child. Rockingham certainly is a lovely place and a great place to live as well. We must visit more often than we do.