Monday, August 13, 2012


This is a section of the mantelpiece in our living room.  We no longer have open fires as the price of firewood is prohibitive and there is also the pollution that open fires can cause.  I must admit since we painted the ceiling years back it is nice that it IS still white so another reason for no open fires.

The reason I took the above picture is because there are some very special items on that section of mantelpiece.

The ceramic jug took my eye years ago....I really loved the elegant shape of it.  The flowers are
of course artificial but beautifully done.  My daughter has some and when I admired them she
decided mum should have some as well which was greatly appreciated.  She and I are lovers of frangipani but she and her hubby have more success at growing them than I do but I persevere.
She and her hubby gave me a plant a few years ago for Mother's Day and it flowers each year and I really am so glad it has survived.

 A pair of ceramic Siamese cats.  I saw them at a Woolworths store (before there were such stores as Big W or Woolworths Supermarkets.   The shop was in Napoleon Street in Cottesloe near the office
where I worked.   The little cats were on a table outside the store at the huge price of just $1/each.  I love cats so much and we had not long lost to a road accident our dear little Siamese "Charlie 
Brown".   That pair of cats has since sat on a mantelpiece in 3 different houses and they are 
to go to my #2 granddaughter who also has the love of cats I have. (I would have bought the cats
in about 1969).

One of those clocks that has the little balls that go backwards and forwards.  MOH bought it for our
Silver Wedding Anniversary as he knew I'd always wanted one.  Strangely enough he gave me a
gold clock and I gave him a gold watch.  The colour didn't really matter as it was the thoughts that
went into the gifts that were important.  We change the battery on our wedding anniversary each

The vase that MOH bought me way back, probably in the 1970s.  He fell in love with the colour
and shape of it and sort of knew I'd love it as well which I did and still do.  That one (at her request)
has my daughter's name on it.  I have given her quite a few family bits and pieces over time but
for the present it stays on my mantelpiece as I still love to admire it.

Just thought I'd share these little possessions of mine and incidentally can you see the "face" in the wallpaper?  A friend pointed it out to us years back and it took me simply ages and ages to learn to
ignore that damned face.  I rarely notice it these days thank goodness.


  1. I have no idea why 'they' published this post this way...all spread out every which way. It does make it somewhat difficult to read for which I apologise.

  2. It is a bit strange, I have no idea why that would happen suddenly unless it has something to do with how you loaded the picture. But I can't see why that would make a difference. xxx

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