Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Well my girl that didn't really get you very far did it?

Waited 30 mins at orthopaedic clinic and then another 10 mins in examination room. In comes Registrar who asks "How is the shoulder?" I tell him and he says I need physio and I say I have an appt with my own physio on Friday morning next.

"O.K." says he "We can discharge you from here". (Fremantle Hospital that is)

"You don't want me to take the sling off and check out the shoulder at all?" I ask. No. he doesn't.

Now what was I expecting? I am now not at all sure! Apparently I should leave the sling on most of the time and my physio will give me strengthening exercises and I should follow her advice. Just as well I have faith in Jenny. In the mean time don't move my arm this way or that way etc., and out I went. I hadn't actually intended to anyway but I guess he felt I expected him to tell me something and that was it!

Seems it will be a while before I get back to much typing (or much else for that matter)
altho' I am using my left hand for a few of the letters on the left side of the keyboard which is an improvement on previously.

Anyway I WILL be back here and I'm not sure if that is a threat or a promise. I have to chat to someone and I guess my blog is that someone and a good listener at that.

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  1. That's the public health system for you - lol. Jenny will get you on the road to full recovery soon. xxx