Monday, August 15, 2011


I had hoped by now to be back blogging fulltime but after paying a visit to Jenny (my physio) last Friday and having more massage (ouch) on the muscles surrounding THE shoulder I find I am still quite restricted and need to wear the sling for a few hours a day.  Have a couple more exercises to do and I certainly can do more than I could last week.

More physio next Wednesday morning and then a visit to my endocrinologist in the afternoon to find out how he feels about my blood glucose level (it has gone down 0.1% which is better than it going up).

Then next Friday it is the first cataract op (right eye) and I couldn't believe it, but if it is a morning op I have to fast from midnight (not even a drop of water) and if an afternoon op then fasting from 6 a.m. that day.  Can't imagine myself getting up at 5 a.m. for a snack so am hoping it will be in the morning.  Fingers crossed for that one.  It seems the second op on 15 September will be in the morning so that is good to know.  Had a letter today about that op and they only mentioned morning.  Whoopeee.

MOH is now my official 'carer' which I am very pleased about as he really does so much for me and even more over the past nearly 4 weeks.  What a truly wonderful man he is and I am so glad that at 81 he is still so fit.  Sure he gets tired but I make sure he gets plenty of rest.

It's very windy today and we've had some more rain which is just so welcome here in Perth.  There is warmth coming back though (24C forecast for later in the week) so it seems as though spring may be just around the corner.  Once again I am not looking forward to another hot summer but I've enjoyed the cooler winter days so have to be thankful for them.

Once again I hope everyone out there in blogger land is keeping well and happy.  Remember to be kind to each other and I'll try and be back soon with a little less medical 'stuff'.


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and your lovely comments. I am glad you liked my "view"!

    Take care and I hope things get back on track for you healthwise soon.

  2. Good to hear the official carer thingy came through. Hopefully you will get a morning op and your shoulder will be much better by then too. xxx