Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Tomorrow I report to the orthopaedic clinic at Fremantle Hospital.

Will I be allowed to stop wearing this sling on my left arm because of the shoulder that I dislocated nearly 2 weeks ago? I do hope so as my right shoulder (my usually bad shoulder) is beginning to suffer 'cos of some of the awkward manouvres it has been having to undertake.

I think I also jarred my back in the fall 'cos what was a really painful area is worse than before the fall. The hospital didn't check out anything other than the shoulder and the fact that I could walk probably lead them to believe everything else was OK.

I seem to be a bundle of aches and pains and full of frustrations because of so much I just cannot do right now. Even washing dishes becomes a big task using just the one hand.

MOH has been super fantastic and so patient with me and meals cooked by members of our wonderful family last week went a long way to help us manage this crisis in our lives.

Fingers crossed that as of tomorrow afternoon I will be allowed to use my left arm again, even with limitations would be so wonderful.

I see my lovely physiotherapist on Friday morning who hopefully will be able to set me on the path to a full recovery, at least in regard to the damaged shoulder.

Spell check is a big help when typing with just one hand as it illuminates typos that I make. It will be great to get back on to my blog and have these wee grizzles and chats to myself again; some of which may even be shared with others if they are interested.

Till next time.....goodnight and pleasant dreams.

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