Friday, September 3, 2010


Last night on TV I glimpsed sight of two little girls (perhaps about age 8 or thereabouts) and both of them had only one leg each. They were playing games, one was riding a horse, and I thought to myself what right do I have to complain about having shingles or my arthritis etc? At 78 I still have both my legs and arms and can still walk, albeit sometimes very slowly and a little painfully.

It is when you feel really down though that you become the centre of your own world for a while and I guess self preservation may be a part of this feeling; of that I am not sure. You look for sympathy from those that are pretty fit and empathy perhaps from those who also have problems such as yours.

There is always someone worse off than I am (millions in fact)so I offer thanks that my mental factulties are still sound (some may dispute that *_*) and hopefully I still have a few good years left. The may not be very productive years but I will still try and pull my weight and do those things I am still capable of doing.

What I am really saying is: forgive me when I have a grizzle. It's just that my pain is my own and I am the only one that feels it and when it gets on top of me I just have to have an outlet and I am understand that is one things blogs can be useful for.


  1. I think its ok to talk about your pain. Its better to do that so that those around you can help you than suffer in silence. Yes there will always be someone worse off than each of us but for us our pain is all we can feel. Hugs to you.

  2. Thanks Amanda. It is nice to to know that someone does care.