Saturday, September 11, 2010


It will be 43 years on Thursday since MOH and I were married in Trinity Church in Perth and he is going to desert me for the day!! Am I mad about it? No, I am not because he is once again going to the University (UWA) to talk to the medical and dental students about diabetes. We both used to go until I became a little too decrepit to get around much and it often involved lots of walking from one lecture theatre to another which I found a little too much to deal with.

We both enjoyed being able to talk about our diabetes so that the students had some concept of what they would be dealing with once they began doctoring for real. Now, my MOH tells me, they even have the students test their blood sugar, eat something sweet and test again so they know a little something of what diabetes entails for the individual sufferer.

When the invitation came a couple of weeks back for MOH to go to UWA on the 16th I knew he wanted to go so badly and I of course told him it would be quite all right for him to do so. I will feel a little lonelier that day without him being here but it is such a good thing he does that I would never dream of stopping him and I know, at 80, it is good for him to feel that way.

He will make it up to me in some small way I know although, after all these years, that is not really necessary. I am so glad he is who he is and during the past weeks, when I have been really down and out, he has been marvellous. He has begun playing golf again (he has recovered from the pulled muscle in his leg) which I am so glad about and I think he deserves a break away from me for a day so he goes to UWA with my love and gratitude.

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