Monday, June 7, 2010


Having just completed a post about Western Australia and the celebration of our Foundation Day it got me to thinking about just how very fortunate we are to be living where we live.

I have visited some of our eastern states and in fact, lived and worked in Melbourne for 6 months way back then (1950-1951) and I did enjoy Victoria but to me Western Australians are so lucky to call this place home.

I complain about the heat in summer and often wish our winters were colder with perhaps even some snow (but not too much) but we are well looked after as far as our health and education is concerned although, as with everything, there could be improvements. We are always well looked after when we are ill and the education is there if students really want to apply themselves to the task.

Often I think of others less fortunate than we are and try to put myself in their place but it is impossible to do so. I lived through the Great Depression and also World War 2 and at one time my parents were quite poor (they had to leave the farm and come to live in Perth because my mum had been so ill) but I never felt we went without anything. A lot of that was because we don't really have any class distinction here and athough when I first went to school there were others who were better off than we were, I was never made to feel I was not as good as they were. It was also, I think, partly due to the fact that my parents looked after me so well, bless them both.

A lot of all that I think has to do with how friendly Western Australians were always considered to we still deserve that reputation? From things I've been hearing of late I am not quite as sure as I once was. There are a lot of nasty things happening these days and it is difficult to understand why. People are greedier than they were (of this I am sure) and perhaps there is a little less camaraderie than there used to be.

Regardless of all the above I still think we live in the best state in the best country in the world and I wouldn't change it for quids.

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  1. I was born in NSW and am currently residing in Qld..I think Australia as a whole as so much to offer.....we are certainly a very lucky country..