Monday, June 14, 2010


Checking my diary this morning I realised that MOH and I have quite a busy week ahead, not socialising (well, just the once really) but with medical appointments Oh! the joys of old age but nobody is complaining 'cos at least we are still here and able to keep these appointments.

This afternoon it was to our physiotherapist (had I told you that MOH had pulled a muscle in his leg?) for treatment for both of us. Fortunately MOH's leg is on the mend so more ultrasound and massage today and maybe in a week or two back on the golf course (one that doesn't have too many hills to begin with).

I had more accupuncture and ultra sound today and it did a lot of good thank goodness and yes, of course had my right knee strapped as that has begun....yeah, playing up again!!

Tomorrow we have a free day so some jobs around the house (not too many as we don't want to get carried away about it) and if it is reasonably dry a few tiny jobs in the garden. MOH bought me a new hoe so I can attack those pesky weeds....I find I can do about 5 minutes at a time so will gradually get rid of most of the wild oats at least. Now I've told him I also need a new rake or a handle for the old one and then I can rake up those weeds.

Wednesday morning is sort of both medical and social as we go to our exercise group and not only is it good for us physically, it is good for us mentally as the dozen or so others are so much fun and we do have a laugh too. On Wednesday afternoon we both see our endocrinologist about our diabetes (both had blood tests last week) and hopefully he will still be pleased with us. We do our best to eat healthy food with plenty of vegies and some fruit as well and not too many 'bad' things in our diet. We have been told by the professor that a tiny bit of dark chocolate is good each day and also a glass or two of red wine each week so life is not all that terrible.

Thursday is a social day as we are taking a young friend to lunch. It is his birthday on the 16th but as we have appointments that day he is quite happy to go the following day. He is a nice young fellow and doesn't have a lot of friends here as he lived in New South Wales for many years. We always enjoy each other's company which is great for all three of us. I had known his mother since I was 12 years old and although she died last year we have kept up our friendship with her youngest son.

Friday is going to be a little trying. We are part of a study that is being done about diabetics and every two years we have to go to Fremantle Hospital and have all sorts of different tests. Starts at 9am and if I remember rightly from last time, takes up to three hours so somewhat tiring for a couple of oldies. Good thing about it though is if we have a problem of any kind we will at least find out about it. They always provide coffee/tea and very nice sandwiches and the people involved are really wonderful.

Next weekend will probably be free (they usually are)so time to rest up a little after a strenuous week.

On the Monday MOH has an appointment with his eye specialist to make sure his glaucoma is still under good control and then in the afternoon we go back to the physiotherapist for what we hope will be the last visit for MOH but time alone will answer that one. Me, I guess I will continue to go as long as I can afford it but I will soon run out of medical benefits (my health fund allows just so much per year) so may have to cut it down a little.

None of the above is of any interest to others but I thought it a good opportunity to tell you about our exciting lives. I have known older people that had very few problems during the latter part of their lives so they missed all the excitement we are both having. With a bit of luck you too may escape all this attention from the medicos.


  1. I like the new look of your blog. You have a busier week than I do!!

  2. Gad you like the new look Amanda.
    I would think with your little ones to care for plus all those other things you do that all your weeks would be busy, busy, busy.