Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today is the birthday of our #2 granddaughter (she is now 33). I didn't get to see her but at least was able to speak to her when I rang her mobile phone. She was having breakfast with her folks in King's Park and I wished I wasn't so old as I would have loved to have been there too, to share some time with them and it is such a beautiful day today as well.

We chatted for a while (I do have to watch the cost when ringing people on their mobile phones...sigh) but she said she will ring me possibly tomorrow. I have now suggested to MOH that perhaps we could take her to lunch on Tuesday to celebrate another year in her life. She is difficult to buy presents for and I am hoping she will agree to sharing a meal with us.

She is apparently taking part in a 10-pin bowling tournament tomorrow and I wish her well and hope she can continue on into the finals. I am sure I will hear all about it soon.

Today is also the anniversary of D-Day in 1944 and also of my divorce way back in 1967.
Amazing how some days are special for various reasons, some special and some...not so sure!!!

MOH = my other half, or HD = hubby dearest.

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