Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Wonderful Physiotherapist

It is now 9 months since my LTHR (left total hip replacement) and 2 months since my RTHR (that's right....the other one) and although I really shouldn't complain I felt the need to visit my beautiful physio Jenny for some not-so-tender ministrations. 'Cos I've had to use my shoulders more to heave my bulk off the bed, chairs etc., my silly right shoulder has decided to be a nuisance again as well as the right side of my upper neck. I had a great time with Jenny this a.m. How does she manage to find the "Oh! so sore spots" that I didn't know were there? Have made a couple more appointments for next week as I know I will need them. Jenny recommended that a massage could help so will ask her about that when I see her on Monday. Not sure that is covered under our HBF insurance...will have to check that out first. Must try and get back to my exercise group real soon.

I said to Jenny that I still felt I wasn't walking properly and she said to tighten the muscles in my behind when walking and amazingly enough it makes me walk more upright and I actually CAN walk better. I feel I've grown a couple of centimetres when I do it so it must make me 'walk tall'. Just feels a bit strange though and I am sure it makes my bottom look bigger!! It's not all that big really, so perhaps that won't matter. I will practice doing it though as it certainly seems to help and also do the exercises she said would be of benefit.

I am a little concerned that my dear husband is not himself and am so glad he is going to see a doctor (endocronologist) at Fremantle Hospital tomorrow (he was referred to him by our private endocronologist) as I feel there are issues need to be attended to rather sooner than later. I am feeling rather cross too as he (hubby) saw our GP last week as his breathing was not the best and she didn't even listen to his chest which amazed me. He has been told he has asthma and she gave him some more stuff to inhale and it seems to have made him worse. Strange thing is he has never done a breath test to see how good his lungs are. I felt anyone with a breathing problem would have that simple test as a matter of course. A CT scan in 2006 showed mild emphysema so could it be that which is causing the problem? I wouldn't know...I am only a lay person and know nothing. Oh, well, perhaps some people I know are right when they say it is called a medical 'practice' because the doctors really are still practising!!! Sorry if that sounds critical but I do wonder sometimes if we get to know our doctors too well and they don't always take us seriously.

I am glad the dear man played nine holes of golf this afternoon and did well. He said he didn't want to overdo it so didn't hit the ball so hard and it went straight!! Now, I've been telling him for years he must relax more when playing golf and he has found out for himself that it's true. I am hoping he can enjoy his golf for some years to come. I can't do those things with him any more, but mustn't stop him doing them as I know he enjoys it so much. We just have to get him well as I need him with me, not just as a helpmate but 'cos I do love having him with me.

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